Sunday, September 24, 2017

Western RV Trip Days 13-14 Custer & Broken Arrow

We awoke to a cool 44F Sat morning with the high predicted to be 55F which is 38 degrees cooler than Thursday.  A cold front came through and provided some desperately needed rain to the area and hopefully helped with the Montana wild fires.

We are staying at Broken Arrow Horse Camp and RV and it seems we are the only campers without a horse trailer although there are some motorcyclist staying in the cabins.  Our site is long and level enough with decent room between sites.

They have a pavilion for group gatherings, an outdoor cooking area with grill & sink, clean restrooms, a little store, and of course barns.  All of the utilities worked fine except the wifi which didn’t work at all.

For breakfast, we drove four miles into Custer to eat at Baker’s Bakery & Café which has 4½ stars on Trip Advisor.  This was our dining choice mostly because they had a breakfast burrito smothered in green chili described as eggs, sausage, hash browns, salsa, and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla - Bev and I both ordered one.

I thought it was delicious with a tasty filling and just the right amount of heat in the chili.

After breakfast, the gang dropped me off back at the RV and headed back to town for the farmers market, a visit to the Purple Pie Place, and shopping for a Bison hide (Pat L and Steve).  They came home with a coconut crème pie and a bison hide.

While I was laying around and watching football, I made Baked Spaghetti Pie using Velva’s recipe from her Tomatoes On The Vine blog and since I followed her recipe I won’t reproduce it here but you can get it by clicking on this LINK.

I made one change – instead of layering, I saved enough sauce and  mozzarella for the top, then mixed everything together prior to adding to the dish then topped with the sauce and baked until nearly done.  I added the mozzeralla and baked until it was melted. I didn’t get a pic so I borrowed this very good one from Velva’s blog.

Everyone thought it was very good and said it was a make again dish - Pat L requested the recipe.

On Sunday, Bev and I drove back up to Mystic to drop off the bike riders for the next leg of their journey on the Mickelson Trail.  Mystic contains just a few buildings now but at one time it was a thriving town as a gold mining and railroad center.  Here are shots of the trail head and the bikers ready to hit the trail.  This trail head had water and a set of tools with an air pump.


Another fun two days spent in the Black Hills

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9/16-9/17/17 Event Dates


  1. More enjoyable days there, Love the baked spaghetti pie a meal that went over great for a ;lunch special in my restaurant.

  2. Nice campground, great breakfast burrito, and super spaghetti pie! Happy safe travels :)

  3. Look at you making spaghetti pie on the road! Look delicious.


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