Friday, September 22, 2017

Western RV Trip Days 11-12

On Thursday, we cancelled the planned trip over to Rapid City as my girls wanted to spend more time in Deadwood – Pat and Steve went to RC to get a part for his RV.  Since I’d ran my northern Black Hills bucket list, including Deadwood, I spent the day catching up on blogs, watching the dogs, stowing the outside items as rain was predicted for our departure time the next day.

Bev & Pat decided to visit Tatanka (Lakota Sioux for bison), a specialty museum, honoring the Native American’s relationship with the bison.  The museum is a dream of Kevin Costner and he is the founder/owner.  They have a lot of life sized bronze sculptures and her are a few of Bev’s shots.

When the girls got home we had a supper of grilled white brats (The Wurst Kitchen) with sautéed pepper and onions.  One of the disappointments of having to leave late for this trip was not getting to stop by The Wurst Kitchen for a reload on their delicious sausages.  I just grilled the sausages slowly on our Weber Jumbo Joe and sauteed some onions and peppers then they were served with or without a bun and mustard for me.  It’s not as great a shot with the mustard hidden, but the build for me was bun, mustard, sausage, mustard, veggies.

As always they were delicious and if I lived next to them, I’d have Wurst Kitchen sausages at least once a week.

Friday was moving day and with much needed rain predicted for our departure, we stowed as much as we could the previous evening.  Since we were only going 60 miles, we were in no great rush and departed Elkhorn Ridge about 10:30am and headed for Broken Arrow Campground located about four miles south of Custer, SD

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  1. Love those sculptures . That wurst in a bun sure looks so very tasty.

  2. Bev took some great shots of the sculptures! The sausage looks so darn tasty.

  3. Those sculptures are incredible. Must have been something to see!


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