Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chargrilled Oysters-Rockefeller-Ala Big Dude

Bev went to the local seafood store recently to pick up a few scallops and also bought a dozen fresh oysters to grill.  I rarely create a dish and usually use one of your recipes, perhaps with a few changes. Since we like both Chargrilled Oysters made with the recipe from Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House and Oysters Rockefeller, and we had the spinach and bacon already cooked, this had to be tried.

Chargrilled Oysters Rockefeller

12 fresh oysters on the half shell
1 stick butter, melted
½ C. or so of sautéed spinach
2 pieces of bacon, fried crisp – Benton’s of course
Dash Sriracha, more to taste
1½ T. fresh chopped parsley
2 t. minced garlic
1/8 C. chopped chives
¼ C. bread plain crumbs, use Panko for extra crispy (I may try flavored next time)
1/8 C. grated parmesan

Mix together ingredients 2 thru 8 in a small bowl and ingredients 9 & 10 in another small bowl.

Shuck the oysters, retaining as much of the liquor as possible.

Top the oysters with the butter mixture.

Then top with the bread crumb mixture and grill over high heat. 

They need the flames inside a closed grill to add a smokiness to them and it won’t hurt the shell.  Cook until the liquid begins to bubble around the edge for plump, moist, tender oysters – longer if you prefer more done.
Does this single one not look delicious.  Below is my plate.
We had them as an appetizer for the main meal of grilled shrimp, scallops, and pineapple but they were the star of the meal.

The chargrilled shrimp need the flame-up to give them the flavor, but just a little as they can quickly be over cooked.  Everything was outstanding and Bev announced she was buying more oysters her next trip to town three days hence.  Our meal was seafood, pineapple, and toasted garlic bread - anything else would have been a distraction.

Sorry about the quality of the photos.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those look absolutely amazing, Larry! They look better than most I've had at restaurants! Oysters Rockefeller is my favorite way to enjoy oysters.... plus you know you can't go wrong with bacon and Sriracha!!

  2. For years on my birthday Meakin too me to one of our favorite restaurants and I ordered Oysters Rockefeller followed by fried shrimp - two of my most favorite foods.

    Your grilled oysters look perfect Larry. I might have to fight you for that plate of oysters.

  3. Wow, there's nothing wrong with those pictures Larry-everything looks delicious! Even the oysters, which I've had only once, and I didn't care for the way they were prepared. Wish we had a fresh fish market here.

  4. You are a fearless grill master Larry! Very nice indeed. I've been craving scallops and shrimp, slathered in garlic butter of course. Love grilled pineapple too. Have a happy long Labor Day weekend!

  5. Sounds like a great meal to me!

  6. What a perfect meal. This looks fabulous Larry. Love those flame photos...made me hungry. :) I've been wanting to grill oysters all Summer. Saw them on Robyn's site over at GrilllGirl.

  7. I'm not a great fan of oysters, but these look delicious. You wouldn't have to ask me twice to sample the shrimp and scallops.

  8. I have never done seafood on the grill like that so I bet the flavors are so much better. It gets so hot here that we hardly grill in the summer. But we can very soon- I feel Fall is in the air. I think the only way you can get me to eat oysters is to Rockefeller them!

  9. Please don't apologize for your photos. Night photos, flames and you can see the grill marks...I think your photos are terrific.

  10. Shrimp? Those look more like lobsters, lol. Huge.

    Great looking meal, Larry.


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