Friday, August 17, 2012

RV Trip Day Two In N. Georgia

This day started off as a bummer when I realized I’d left my camera at the wind chime store in Helen the day before, only to be compounded by the inability to call them because the IPad and cell phone picked this time for no service, therefore no way to get their phone number.  No shots for today, so I’ll post some from the web.

Several years ago, we came to North Georgia to buy fruit trees and bushes (our blueberries for one) from the Johnson Nursery and we went through Ellijay on the way – this is a big apple growing region. 

We noticed it had morphed itself into a little tourist town with shops around the town square and said we should go back sometime, but had yet to make it.  Since we had an unplanned day and it was only about 50 miles from the campground, this was definitely the best time to make a visit.

After breakfast at the Sawmill Place, including country fried steak and the biscuits and gravy I’d passed on at The Hole In The Wall the day before, we headed for Ellijay – breakfast was okay but nothing to write home about, even though it had high ratings from Urban Spoon and Trip Advisor.  Here are a couple of shots from their Facebook page.

We got into to Ellijay and circled the square to see what was there and Bev saw one shop that interested her – PJ’s Rusted Buffalo, whose main product is Himalayan Rock Crystals, which are advertised to cure all kinds of things.  Check out their site for pictures and the story – we took three of them home with us and they are touted to cure about everything by cleansing the air – we’ll report back later.  These are the ones we took home the first one is with a flash, so you can see the pig, and the second one is as it actually looks.

These are the other two and they have the same lighted salt color as the pig.

From Ellijay, we headed back to Helen to retrieve my camera, but stopped at Cartecay Vineyards, about 7 miles south of Ellijay, where we could taste not only their wines but also those of Habersham Winery and Crane Creek Vineyard.  Here are some shots from their Facebook page of their tasting room and attached patio – check out their site for a short video.

As is often the case, it’s the people I meet that make the trip for me and we ended up talking with a guy who was retired from the Army and had similar experiences to our son, Rhett’s.  We also liked many of the wines and left with a full case.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. You guys find the neatest places when you travel. Maybe you should be a travel writer in addition to your other duties. I still can't get over those Himalayan Rock Crystals.

    I didn't realize you went to Crane Creek Winery.

  2. I can't tell you how many times I have left my camera at home when I've gone somewhere... granted it's not like leaving it at a store, but still..I know the feeling :) LOVE the lighted pig... I need to find one of those!

  3. I'm telling you, those wind chime places are nothing but trouble. ;) Those Himalayan Rock Crystals are most certainly interesting. I'll be interested to hear about more about those.

  4. Larry, Thanks for continuing to provide leads/tips for our eventual trip to NE GA! A restaurant plus, Laurie's favorite, a winery! As for the misplaced camera, it could have been worse. We once dropped one into a river gorge in the UP of Michigan... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. I'm glad you remembered where you left your camera, and I presume you got it back. We've been through Elijay a couple of times, but haven't checked out any wineries.

  6. the start of your post reminded me of last month's ride through the mountains, much of without phone service... which I used for directions being that we did not have a printed map - had to turn around several times...
    interested to see how the salt rocks do...

  7. Even if they don't cure all, they sure look pretty when lit up like that.


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