Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rib Eyes For Dinner

On November 23- link, I posted about getting a good deal on strip steak. Last week, Krogers again was offering a deal on National Beef, only this time it was whole choice rib eyes for $4.99/lb. We bought a couple of them, cut one into steaks and ate some for dinner last night. They were well marbled and perhaps even a little too fatty. Here’s a pic of the whole piece.

The second steak off the roast.

The steak pile after trimming.

Our plate of meat headed for the grill - it included two filets from out of the freezer.

About ready to come off the grill.

I commenced to eating and forgot to get a pic of my plate, but it included the steak, a baked potato with butter, bacon and green onion, caesar salad, and garlic bread made from freash baked homemade bread - my favorite part of the meal.

The meat was good, but not as tender or flavorful as I expected from the amount of marbeling - perhaps it needs more aging. For the price, it is still a good value. I may cut the other one into two roasts for smoking.

Have a great day.



  1. Wow! Went for the ol' charcoal grill this time? Sounds like it was a pretty good meal. Sorry I missed it. We managed to grab Subway somewhere in Nowheresville, VA. Oh well. Maybe next time. :)

  2. I still have strip steaks and ribeyes from the two whole ones Alexis bought for me last month! Thank goodness for the vacuum sealer.

    Are you going to age some yourself? Roasts are a good idea too.

    I need to email you. I am thinking about getting together an East TN "cook out" get together. Kind of like a small competition without the competing.


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