Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It’s BBQ Day Again – Ribs And Fattys

Our Kids visiting from South Korea will be with us for 8 full days during their stateside visit, and that’s how much time we have to provide them the meals they’ve been missing. Arrival day on Friday was homemade vegetable soup, Saturday was chargrilled steak and Monday was BBQ baby backs, mac and cheese, and garlic cheese biscuits – all favorites of everyone.

We used a mac & cheese recipe we like from one of the BBQ forums and the ribs were my typical – sprayed with apple juice and rubbed with my rib rub plus Billy Bones XXX Cherry, cooked until almost falling off the bone tender (Bev likes them that way), sprayed down a time or two during cooking with apple juice then glazed twice with Tennessee River BBQ Sauce. Here’s a plated pic.

Our son specifically requested one of those fatty's he'd been reading about on my blog, so I did a stuffed breakfast fatty and a regular one. The breakfast fatty was stuffed with sautéed onions, roasted red peppers, hash brown potatoes and scrambled eggs (forgot the cheese - again), then I put a little of my pork rub on the outside.

We had it for breakfast Tuesday morning - just warmed up in the microwave and slapped it on a garlic cheese biscuit leftover from dinner last night - very tasty.

Usually when I BBQ, I cook for us, friends and family and I usually keep the smoker full all day cooking a variety of different meats – so I stay pretty busy for 12+ hours not counting prep time the day before. For this cook, it was five slabs of baby backs, the pizza fatty I’d made on Dec 3 and stuck in the freezer, a stuffed breakfast, and a regular fatty. It was almost like having the day off and I enjoyed being able to sit down to a nice meal without being tired.

Last night we went to a Mexican restaurant and they were able to tick off chile rellenos as another of the foods to eat while here. We still need to get in the smoked pizza fatty, sausage gravy and biscuits, fried crappie & hush puppies, ABT's, smoked prime rib and stuffed pork loin. We have four days to do it in after they return from visiting their other set of parents - should be no problem.

Have a great day.


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  1. We are glad you are getting to enjoy their visit! Fatten 'em up:)

    Have a great Christmas if we don't get back by this way in the next two days!


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