Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Tree Finally Up

Now that the grandkids arrived from South Korea and had a day to rest, it was time to get our Christmas tree up. About 10 years ago, I planted some Norway Spruce’s to be harvested and used as Christmas trees on special occasions – and this year is one of those special occasions. We considered cutting the tree and having it up when the travelers arrived, but decided, they may not get many opportunities to do this. With all the snow in the area over the weekend, I was hoping we’d have a little to shake off the tree and drag the tree along the ground on, but alas no snow just more cold rain.

Here it is before we cut it and it turned out to be taller than I thought – over 10 feet.

The grandkids watching the cutting process - they're not yet ready to handle the chain saw.

We have vaulted ceilings so we can use a tall tree, but it was also too big around, so I wacked about a foot off of it, and removed the lower branches up a couple of feet. Here it is on the stand and ready for trimming.

Beverly installed the lights then turned ornament hanging over to the kids – at least as high as they could reach.

The tree is now ready for Santa's arrival. I don't believe I've ever seen ornaments hung quite so thickly on a tree, but they had a good time - and that was the primary objective. Now if we can just figure a way to have an undecorating event after the first of the year.

Have a great day.



  1. now THATS what i call a Christmas tree! nice job bigdude.

  2. I think Beverly and I have always shared the opinion that it's hard to have too many ornaments on a tree. :) Looks fantastic! I'm glad my stint as Root Dip Girl seems to have paid off.

  3. Wow, that's still a BIG tree! It looks perfect.


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