Friday, December 18, 2009

Butter Beans Ala Mary

I haven’t had butterbeans since I was a teenager – I guess technically I’ve never had butterbeans as what Mom served she just called dried limas. But since this recipe starts with large dried lima beans. I’m going to take a leap and say they are the same thing. I was reading my favorite blogs the other day and came across a recipe for butterbeans from Mary over at Deep South Dishes on Dec 10. I pretty well followed her recipe except I used a center slice of ham from the market and a quart of rich chicken broth made with my chicken trimmings from Wednesdays BBQ day. I only took a pic of my finished bowl as everything else was pretty basic.

I thought the flavor was delicious, but next time I’ll use two pounds of beans for the recipe amount of liquid, then add a little more if needed. It turned out more like soup than the bowl of beans I was wanting. I will definitely make it again.

Have a great day.



  1. Checking your blog to see how things are today.
    The food looks good for a rainy day, as it is now.

  2. I also haven't had those since i was a kid... I can picture my dad with these and a big slice of cornbread... his favorite

  3. Aww, Larry thanks for the mention! Yeah, ya gotta let them suckers stew, stew, stew so that they thicken up real good but sometimes they are stubborn. Next time if you don't want to double up on bean and they aren't thickening up like you want, remove a cup or two of the beans, mash them up and then return them to the pot - that'll usually do it. You can also do a slurry of cornstarch with some of the liquid and then put that into the pot, letting it cook a bit longer. I'll be sure to add some notes on that to the recipe.

    Glad you liked the flavor! This is one of my favorite old timey recipes for sure. Have a great weekend!

  4. Tasty looking beans, Larry. These were just the ticket for the cold rainy weather.


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