Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016 Western Trip – Days 15 & 16 – Pufferbelly & FM

Our first day in GJ was devoted to cleaning up Sweetie, doing laundry, and running to the store but it began with a trip to Pufferbelly for breakfast and when we arrived, the eastbound Amtrak was loading at the station – same one we’d seen before in Glenwood Canyon the previous day.

We had eaten at Pufferbelly twice last year and really enjoyed it so Bev and I ordered the same dishes.  Pat ordered the French toast with peaches, Bev had the Breakfast Burrito with green chili sided with a giant cinnamon bun, and I had the Green Supreme (hash browns topped with scrambled eggs, green chili, sausage gravy, and cheddar cheese) sided with a real cathead biscuit.  We remembered the pics about half way through the meal - check out the size of the cinnamon bun and biscuit beside the coffee cup.

Once again, Pufferbelly was a good breakfast experience and we might make it back again.

The second day, we’d planned a trip up on the Grand Mesa but the weather did not cooperate as it was cloudy in the valley and there was a 50% chance of storms and I wanted a pretty day when we head up there.  So we just hung around the coach then headed downtown for the Thursday evening farmers market which runs from 5:30 to 8:30.  They cordoned off the Main Street for about four blocks and had live music at three locations – this is one of the bands.

It was a typical farmers market with booths of crafts, jewelry, art, meat and cheese, bread, prepared food, drinks and, of course, produce -  there were several produce stands and a couple with just peaches, which are now in season here on the western slope.  I will say that there were not as many vendors as I expected.

I didn’t take many shots but now that I’m writing this wish I had of.  I ate one peach then decided to try some Indian food from the Nepal Restaurant booth where I asked for a couple of representative samples of the food.  I was given a chicken dish and a lamb dish, each topped with onion, cilantro and tomatoes and both were quite good – we may want to try their restaurant.

In addition to the booths, most of the Main Street stores and restaurants seemed to be open and I was impressed with what they had done.  They have created a shopping center type of environment that has the area bustling and I saw only a couple of buildings without an active business in them.  I loved this sign at one of the restaurants.

We bought some corn for dinner, some delicious bread from the Great Harvest Bread Company, and a strawberry rhubarb pie from Alida’s Fruits.

It turned out to be two nice days of R&R, especially for me, after a pretty busy and tiring two weeks getting to this point – the 1500 mile drive and being busy every day kind of did me in.- I got revived and raring to go.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


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  1. Nothing quite like some relaxing days, always love local farmers markets and the no wifi sign.

  2. I think she actually ordered butter with a side cinnamon roll.

  3. Larry, It does sound like you guys had a couple of nice days in Grand Junction! Great lead on breakfast...which we will have to follow up on when we get out that way. FYI, when you get to New Mexico, it may be a bit out of your way but our favorite spot (amazing actually) is the Chaco Culture National Historic Park. It is a bit of a haul west of Santa Fe but it is a stunning place to visit. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. "Pretend it's 1995!" That sign is too much. Looks like you had a nice "down" day there, Larry. Sometimes just moseying about is best, after all.

  5. Glad to hear you're rarin to go. I'm still kicking myself that we didn't eat at Pufferbelly when we were there last year. Love that "no wifi" sign.

  6. You always find the best places for breakfast, my fave meal! It all looks yummy, esp that buttery cinnamon bun, actually everything! Love the sign, too bad it's not posted at every restaurant.

  7. Glad you are finding a day or two to rest - now you are fueled to move on again! Lovely breakfast - wonderful cinnamon bun and a nice farmers market. You are having such fun!

  8. Those breakfasts look amazing! You always eat so well on your travels.

    I love that sign too. We don't allow technology at dinner tables (home/restaurants). We either talk or play cards.

  9. The sign about no wifi gave me a laugh…pretend it's 1995 and talk to each other. :)


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