Tuesday, July 3, 2012


After 16 years of living the good life, Cody had to be put down recently just to put him out of his misery.  Like many pets do, he came to us via one of our kids when Rhett and family were stationed in Germany and could not take a pet, and as things wotked out he stayed for another 13 years. 

In the last six months, he had deteriorated significantly and had gone from 45# to 29# so we finally decided it was time.  While Cody was not one of our four-legged babies, he was a great dog - he was very even tempered with kids and other animals and loved going on his morning walk around the area. Here are a few shots of him.

So long old boy.

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  1. As you know we fell in love with Cody while we were there in May. What a sweetheart of a dog. Tears are coming down my face. Bye Cody. We'll miss you. I know you'll be waiting at the bridge with your sweet little face and good attitude.

  2. ahhh man! Bless his heart. I'm so sorry.

  3. Dear Larry & Bev...David & I are very sorry that Cody's time on earth has finally ended. We know what a struggle it has been for the both of you. Cody will be missed not only by his human friends but by Sweetie, Coco & Willie too. He was a very loyal dog & we all will miss him very much. We are very sad for your loss. Love Always,Laurie & David

  4. Oh, Larry, I'm so sorry for your and Bev's loss. What a great life you all had together - his being so much more thanks to you. Big hugs and love to you and Bev! xo

  5. It is so hard to say good bye to one of our pets. I know Cody was family and has left a big void at your house. Blessings to you and Bev.

  6. Your loyal friend as gone on. Sad, very sad. I have always felt that a pet makes a family complete...especially a loving dog. I know the appreciated all your love.

  7. Oh how sad...... I'm sorry to hear about Cody... It's hard losing a pet. I know! When I lost my Duchess (cocker) after about 15 yrs., it took me a LONG time to get over it...

    So very sorry, Larry and Bev.

  8. I'm so sorry Larry, really a tough thing to do, when it's time we're so lucky to be able to them free of pain! I'm miss my dogs so much but it was much worst to see them starting to suffer.

    Hoping to get back in the blogging world again.. it's been to long.

  9. I remember when Cody first showed up. He was kind of skittish and scooted back into the back of his crate. He was in a new place with new people, new dogs, and new rules. He learned how to be a great dog, though. He always took to the coming of new faces and the departure of old. His pack changed, but he remained a loyal companion who loved his walks with Beverly, rides on the boat, and even doing a bit of swimming. As you said, he was great with the kids, even when they may have petted too rough or pulled his tail.

    His life was long and full. His deterioration over the last year or so, though, has been quite physically evident. The mental aspect has been less obvious but still felt. I know the decision to put him down was not easy, but it was the right thing to do for everyone. He'll be missed as a member of our pack, but I feel lucky to have spent so many good years with him.

  10. Even though he wasn't one of the official fur=kids, he held a special place in your home and hearts. I know you'll miss him. My condolences.

  11. Larry and Bev,
    So sorry that your dog has died. So sad to lose such a great part of your life. I am sure you gave him a wonderful life and he was a great companion to you both.

  12. Really sorry to hear Larry, My heart goes out to you and family.

  13. So sad :( Such a wonderful pet he was. RIP Cody.

  14. My deepest sympathy Larry. I just hate when they have to go. It breaks my heart.

  15. Oh my gosh Larry and Bev. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Cody. Animal companions are just the best gifts to us and we're blessed to have them for their short lives. Hope that you two are doing well.


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