Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pretending To Be Young To End The Year


We've made it another year and now it's time to see what life has in store for us in 2011 - I can hardly wait to find out.

And what do a couple of old retired guys do on a 43* winter day to end the year – why split wood of course. In our younger days, this could have been a one person job and the entire pile would surely have been split in a day by two young bucks.  Actually, in my younger days I would have split it with a wedge and maul, just for the excercise (which I still should be doing).  My buddy, Joe, still does - which is why he's in much better shape.  But, this day, us old guys could only work about 2 ½ hours and we got almost half the pile. This is what’s left (still about 60% of it), including the tree limb that fell on it.  The big ones are about 30" across.

It’s really nice to have a neighbor who farms, burns wood in his fireplace, and has the right equipment - it's amazing how this thing can handle these big logs.

This is my half of our effort, which now needs to be hauled to the woodpile and stacked - the pile is about 8' long.

The oak has been laying for over a year and has gotten corky around the outside, but it’s so big, lots of good firewood remains.  It felt pretty good to get out and do some pretty serious manual labor and, surpisingly, I wasn't in pain the next day - except from the margarita's we had when we got done - again, pretending to be young.

We went from cold and snowy for Christmas to 60* and sunny on New Years Eve - made me want to plow and plant my garden.

Bev and I hope the coming year is your best ever and thanks for taking the time to stop by Almost Heaven South - I don't know if I'll make 365 posts again in 2011, unless I can find some new material - perhaps I'll take up sky diving or underwater basket weaving.



  1. HNY Larry,
    365 posts is an incredible feat. I struggled to reach 150. Nothing like splitting wood to bring out the manly side. Hope all goes well in 2011

  2. I think you clock has more time on it than mine Larry. 365 posts is, as Bushman said above, an incredible feat.

    Hope you and Bev have the best year ever too. Happy new year to you both.

  3. HNY! I just can't see you underwater basket weaving Larry, plus your skin would always be puckered. I'm impressed that you posted 365. A couple a week is about all I can do. Now go chop some more wood! ... or not.

  4. In case you want to try, the way to make it to 365 is post whether or not you have something worthwhile to say or show, at least that's what I do :-).

  5. Pretending to be young is not such a bad thing. Think of the alternative :-). I hope 2011 brings you and Bev continuing health and happiness. Happy New Year, Larry....Mary

  6. Happy new year to you and Bev, Larry!! Glad I have found your blog, can't wait to see what's ahead!!

  7. Happy New Year, Larry. I'm never going to be so prolific, but I'd settle for being able to get out one a week. :)

  8. Isn't it amazing how our mind tells us one thing, but the body says, "are you kidding me?" lol

    That is a mighty stack of firewood Larry and I know you and Bev will enjoy every single log.

    Thank you for what you have brought to us this past year.
    Happy New Year! and may it bring good health and many blessings to you and Bev. Diana

  9. Hi There, Well---you have your firewood ready ---and guess what??? It's 57 degrees right now... Don't need to use that firewood yet, do you????? ha (What a difference a week can make!!!)

    WE had tons and tons of rain last night --about 2.5 inches I think... We did stay awake til midnight --so we slept in today... The Hoppin' John is on the stove... Yum!!!!

    Happy 2011 to YOU.

  10. Larry, We had a fireplace that burned wood once...too darn much work! Joe is making us all look bad... Happy New Year! Big Daddy Dave & Laurie

  11. You could try combining bbqing and sky diving, that would be entertaining:) It would be pain to get your coal started but once you did, the air flow would get it rocket hot:)

    Who's got the pork butts on sale next week? I saw you comment on Lea Anne or someone's blog.

  12. If I can manage 365 posts again, so can you. I double dog dare you.

  13. Just post a pic of a fried egg every morning and start writing, I'll be reading. Happy New Year and thanks for all the salivatingly great recipes, techniques and pics.

  14. Happy new year! And I am impressed with your endurance...I for sure couldn't have made it more than five minutes.

  15. A post a day is impressive, Larry, and so is splitting all that wood. I have trouble managing a post twice a week. How wonderful to have all that firewood for the coming cold weather.


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