Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leftover Prime Rib

So what do you do with leftover prime rib you asked?  How about slice it thin so it can warm quickly, lay it in a pan of simmering au jus for about a minute per side.

And serve this for the day after Christmas, again forgetting the horseradish sauce.

Click on any shot to make it bigger.

Then you wrap up the 6” piece of roast that’s still left and send it to Kentucky, so Rhett can do this every morning for the next week prior to heading off to Afghanistan on January 3.  I’m guessing the food will be a little different in a combat zone.

We had a little more snow Saturday night and woke up to a nice winter wonderland - we ended up with about 4 inches, which is alot for here, but just flurries for many of you.

After all of the cooking and eating over the past week, it was a reheated bowl of potato soup for the rest of Sunday and Monday was nearly cooking free as well.

And how about prime rib again for breakfast on no cook Monday (Subway for lunch and reheated soup for supper).  A leftover slice, on a leftover roll and nuked for 40 seconds.  I finally remembered the horsey sauce and Bev and I both really liked it.

Here's the sauce recipe from Allrecipes

· 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish
· 1 tablespoon cider vinegar
· 1 teaspoon dry mustard
· 3 tablespoons reduced-fat mayonnaise (I used regular)
· 1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper
· 1/2 cup nonfat sour cream (I used Daisy regular)

In a small bowl whisk together horseradish, vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, ground red pepper and sour cream.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.  Go Mountaineers.



  1. I think we are going to have to call you "King Dude of the Leftovers".

  2. Your snow looks beautiful! I'd take a four inch flurry right now. After I left a comment about that Prime Rib, a few minutes later I said to myself, "I should have told him he better not be putting an egg on top of that beautiful piece of meat"...glad to see it along side. :-) With the lasagna and ham, I've not done much cooking over the last few days either. Love those leftovers. Afganastan??? ohmy. I sure appreciate what they do, but always a concern. I have a nephew that's been over there 3 tours. Last but not least, I don't have a good horseradish sauce recipe, thanks for posting it.

  3. In the future I'm always going to cook a larger roast than we need because I love those leftovers. Warming slices in the au jus is the way to do it.

    Happy New Year!

  4. YUM----Give me Prime Rib ANYWAY you can. I'd love it ---but without the horseradish please. Your son is lucky --having parents who cook so well for him when he visits...

    Have a good day.. We still have TONS of snow on the ground here --but it's supposed to warm up some.

    Happy New Year.

  5. Yep, that's how we warm up our prime rib too! Had some last night as a matter of fact. Pretty great leftovers huh?

  6. There's nothing better than left over prime rib. I like your horseradish sauce and I'm so glad you didn't use low-fat mayonnaise. I don't like the taste of it or how it feels on my tongue and besides, Meakin won't allow it in the house.

    Stay warm. That's quite a lot of snow.

  7. I did something similar to teh sandwich. I buttered a sandwich roll and broiled it until a little brown, topped it with cheese (whatever your favorite is) and broiled that until bubbly. Then I put the sliced prime rib on and put it back in the broiler for a few until hot. When it came out of the oven, I covered it with sauted onions and added horseradish sauce to each bite. Yum!

  8. Sure looks yummy - what great leftovers! Pretty snow too. Would love just once to look out my door and see that here!

    Happy New Year!


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