Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Families


This is the second marriage for both Bev and I and between us we have four children and eight grandchildren. Lee Ann over at Mangos, Chilis and Z recently commented about her culinary school trained son and it got me thinking about our kid’s careers, so I decided to write a little about them.

Bev and I used to talk about how nice it would be to have an airline pilot, so we could fly for free, and a doctor for obvious reasons, as members of the family.

While we’re very proud of all of them and the lives they’re living, we didn’t get any of them into OUR dream jobs. The oldest, Rhett, is a career soldier in the U.S. Army and is currently a major stationed in South Korea and due to come back this summer. He has three girls, one of which is Alex who’s been living with us since last May. Next is Kathy who is currently a full time mom with three girls and married to a career U.S. Air Force pilot. He was our best hope for free airfare, but getting a job with the airlines isn’t so easy anymore, and they may no longer provide the families fly free thing anyway. When she’s working, Kathy is a real estate agent. Eric is next in the birth order and is a Methodist minister serving in the Holsten Conference and recently moved from Hiwassee College, 20 minutes from here, to Harrogate, Tn, about 3 hours away, where he serves three small churches. He has two children and the only boy of the bunch. Last but not least is the baby of the family, Wende. After living away from the area most of her adult life, she is currently the closest, living about 30 minutes from here. She just got a new job with an engineering firm in Oak Ridge helping them develop marketing and advertising presentations. She’s the family techno-geek that I often refer to when she’s helping me with computer issues.

So in summary, we have two boys and two girls and one boy and seven girl grandchildren. While the pilot and doctor seemed like the kids to have 20 years ago, in today’s world someone with computer skills sure comes in handy, however the older we get the better having a doctor sounds. And as we’ve gotten more and more into cooking, a trained chef in the family would come in pretty handy. Having said this, I really wouldn’t change a thing as they all seem to be happy with and good at what they do – what more could parents hope for?

And you know I have to post a little something about food. We got a couple of 10” or so pieces of Canadian bacon out of the freezer the other day and mistakenly let both of them thaw and since I don’t want to freeze the meat again, I’m in bacon heaven. So for breakfast, it was a couple of eggs scrambled up with some diced onion, bacon, and cheddar cheese, sided with some cottage cheese and grape tomatoes and one of my toasted English muffins. I didn’t sauté the onion and bacon and I ended up with some extra liquid in the eggs.

The title photo is the first color of Spring here at almost heaven south.

Have a great day.



  1. Hi Larry, It's nice to find out about your kids/grands.. George and I have 5 kids between us and 7 grands. By the way---I am a United Methodist minister (retired).. I grew up in the Holston Conference --but worked in the Tenn. Conference (middle TN).

    Glad to be home!!!

  2. Larry, thanks for sharing about your family. It's nice learning more about you. sounds like you and Bev have a wonderful family that you are very proud of.

    Your breakfast looks like a feast!

  3. That's a slew of family there! Thanks for sharing. One of my uncles was a pilot in the Air Force, then became a pilot for TWA so I was able to get in on that family deal. Those were the days!! He also had a small plane of his own and would fly down here from Kansas City and take us up over the Gulf Coast. Talk about fun!

  4. The crocus look beautiful! I hope they make it through the cold spell and snow they're talking about for the next couple of days. I planted several bulbs (about 2 dozen?) this fall, but no sign from any of them yet. I've had them for several years, so they may just be duds. I figured I'd plant then anyhow, just in case. I'm going to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show this weekend, though, so I may pick up a few things to try and pretty the place up a bit for spring and summer.

  5. Exactly, what more could we ask for?

    You're a fortunate man, Larry.


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