Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday Was BBQ Day

Wednesday was BBQ day here at “Almost Heaven South.” I fired up the Stumps about 6:15 am in balmy 28* weather – at least compared to most of the country. I cooked some of the usual items – 2 briskets (one as burnt ends), 2 butts, 2 split chickens, 2 packages each of chicken breasts and thighs for pulled chicken, and 3 slabs of baby backs. I rubbed the chicken with Billy Bones Original, the beef with Beefmaster, and the pork with my pork rub plus XXX Cherry.

My buddy Joe came over to help and make sure the margarita’s were up to par.

They were right tasty.

Here’s a few pics of the finished BBQ product. First up is pulled chicken.

This is the butt prior to pulling - bone slid out easily.

This is the pulled pork. After pulling, I mix in a little rub, salt and any collected juices. It's great that way or ready for sauce if desired.

This is the brisket after chunking for burnt ends.

The finished product. Not really cooked enough to become burnt ends as the brisket flat doesn't contain enough fat to keep from drying out before a good bark forms. But they are very tasty for what they are and the friend I did them for thinks they're great.

Sweetie's helping get ready for Christmas by entertaining her pretend friends.

Hope you're having a great day.



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