Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Homes For Our Little Feathered Friends

I’ve had some bluebird houses laying around for about 18 months waiting for the spirit to move me to install them and it finally did. Encouragement 1 - A couple of weeks ago the neighbors advised they had cleaned them all out and that several were in bad shape – so I now know they need replaced and there are no residents in them. Encouragement 2 – Before Christmas, I asked the youngest grand if she wanted to help me fill the bird feeders, which she eagerly did. While filling them, I asked if she’d like to help me install some houses when she returned from WV to which I got a happy yes. Then Tuesday morning, even though it was pretty cold out, she asked if we were going to install them today, to which I less than enthusiastically replied sure.

We installed four new ones and here’s a pic of two of them going up. I’m wearing my chile pepper pants.

It's fun to do grandpop things with them, especially when it's meaningful and educational.

Happy New Year and have a great day, Go Vols tonight.



  1. Looks like you guys had a good time installing those new houses. Have fun down there tonight. Happy New Year! Go Vols!

  2. Great shots, looks like she had a fun time helping.


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