Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Little Snow & Southern Comfort Food

We awoke Saturday morning to a nice little snow that covered the grass and trees and made it pretty out – I like the snow covered landscape. I maybe should have titled this post – “Major Snowstorm Hits East Tennessee – Up to One Inch Reported In Some Areas.” As a transplanted yankee from northern West Virginia, I do like to make a little fun of how the locals react to even a snow prediction. It’s a good thing it was the weekend as all the things that normally get closed with just a little snow didn’t have to be.

Here are a few shots of the scenery and the very active bird feeders – glad I filled them Thursday. These first two are of the woods.

It never did cover the driveway.

A shot across the azaleas toward the neighbors pasture.

The little Japanese maple still has lots of it's leaves.

It was a pretty wild time at the bird feeders with a continuous stream of hungry eaters.

There's still a little snow laying around this morning, but it was pretty well a one day event.

Since it was to be a football watching day in front of the fire with, my alma mater, WVU playing Rutgers at noon and the SEC Conference Championship at 4pm, it seemed like a good day for easy to prepare comfort food. We settled on county steak, which we hadn’t had in a long time, with mashed potatoes and biscuits - real health food huh.

I went freezer diving and came up with six pieces of cubed steak and a sirloin that we used the meat mallet on. The meat was dredged in flour and browned, then covered with gravy and into the oven for a couple hours to get real tender.

We’re still working through our potato crop and are now down to just a few pounds. We used a mix of yukon gold, red norland and kennebec, that we peeled (due to the heavy skin they now have), boiled and hand mashed with butter and milk. No need to put a lot of extra flavors into the potatoes since they got smothered in good gravy.

I didn't take any food pics as it was pretty basic stuff, but trust me it looked and tasted great. We'll have to eat something green today to make up for that meal. WVU won.

Have a great day and I enjoy your comments.



  1. It was just enough snow for the kids to get out and get muddy in, ick.

    Glad your Mountaineers won. I had that game on while working out and they looked pretty dominant early on. Are you planning on making a trip to the Gator Bowl for a bowl game?

  2. No trip for me. I like to sit back in my easy chair in front of the fire with a cold one and instant replay - and the other games as well.


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