Monday, February 27, 2023

Roasted Beef Bone Broth

Because we boil chicken breasts and thighs for the pups, we always have an ample supply of chicken broth but we have been out of beef broth for quite a while.  So when our neighbors took the beef cattle they had sold to the processor, I told them I’d like some oxtails to stew and some bones for broth.  We she came she only had one package of cow tails but enough bones to cover the bottom of two 11”x19” pans.

To make the broth even richer, I roasted the bones at 425F for about 30 minutes.  

I removed the bones from the roasting pans and added them to a 16 quart pot.

After removing the bones from the pans, I added a little water to the pans and heated it to boiling on the cooktop so I could scrape up the fond stuck to the bottom then poured it into the broth pot.

Then they went into a 16 qt. pot filled ¾ full of water where they simmered from 11am Saturday until 7am Sunday.  I know this is wrong but to help with my bag labeling, I call this “beef broth” and when I cook veggies with the bones, I call it “beef stock.”

The next step was to remove the bones and meat (for the pups) from the pan.  The bones still containing marrow were saved as dog treats.

Then we coarse strained the broth into a smaller pot and put it in the fridge overnight to harden the fat for easy removal – the layer of fat (tallow) was nearly a half inch thick.  The pics taken under the cooktop hood light are always more yellow.

Our broth is easily twice the richness of the store-bought versions but rather than dilute it prior to freezing in quart bags, I opted to freeze it as-is with a pint in each bag then add a pint of water at time of use (uses less freezer space).  

Plus I froze some ½ cup portions (makes 1 cup) in muffin pans to use when less than a quart is needed.

Now we need to go to Benton’s Country Hams to get some ham bones to make broth for use in our beans and other pork flavored dishes.

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  1. Larry, Wow! I've never seen any posts about making beef stock or broth. Its a lot of work but I'm sure that compared to the commercial version, it's worth the effort when it comes to flavor impact. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. I've always wanted to do this. We made both bone broth and veal demi-glace in school. But never done it at home. And yes, roasting the bones first is a big flavor enhancer.

  3. Awesome! Homemade broth is the best. Love the idea of freezing some in the muffin tin!!!!


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