Monday, October 3, 2022

Sweetwater RV Rally, Wrap-Up, Campground Review, & Scrapple

Our four-day, five-night rally began on Sunday night and officially ended when people departed on Friday morning and I believe I can say we took in about all of the available sites to see in the Sweetwater area.  Our attendance for this rally varied between 15 and 19 attendees which I thought was good for a rally so close to home.

The Sweetwater KOA was a very pleasant surprise both from a facilities standpoint and how we were treated as the management bent over backwards to make us feel welcome and attend to our needs.  The park has 66 sites with a full range of lengths and several holiday sites – they were well spaced so as not to feel crowded.  They also had seven cabins which one of our couples used and liked.  Our site.

All of the utilities including the Wi-Fi and cable TV worked very well.  Like most KOA’s, this one obviously caters to family’s, based on the many activities for kids.

The office/store was well equipped and they even have a small on-site food service offering pizzas, wings, etc. plus frozen steaks for sale from a local farmer.  The bathrooms and showers were modern and very clean as was the entire campground.  The pavilion had lights, fans, six or seven large picnic tables and a serving table all of which were in good condition.  The one thing I saw that they could improve on was parking site levelness but if the occasion arose, I would definitely stay there again and based on the comments I got, the other rally attendees would as well.

So with a nice campground, plenty of enjoyable and informative activities, and good food, I'd have to call this rally a success.

When I got home, I made up a batch of scrapple using pork butt (rather than the traditional head & organ meat) and it made for some delicious breakfasts.

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09/18-23/22 event dates


  1. Larry, Sounds like your rally went well indeed! Love that breakfast too! Bonnie and Bill have headed home to recover from Covid, with Laurie and I stuck at home for a few days until we shed this plague. Laurie just tested positive this morning. Miserable but we'll survive... Take Care, Dave

  2. looks like fun for the grandkids for us but I didnt see where thts was?

  3. The KOA looks nice. I've never had scrapple before but I'm thinking I would love it.


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