Sunday, March 6, 2022

Pork Chops and Fried Apples

Before I get to the food let me talk about the weather a minute.  Since a home air conditioner must cool the entire house - walls, furniture, flooring, appliances - everything, I rarely turn it on until we are ready to leave it on for the season.  But this year, with temps predicted for nearly 80 on Mar 4 & 6, I decided to fire it up to cool some and be sure it was working okay.  I can't say for sure, but I doubt the A/C has ever been on this early.  More spring-like weather coming next week.

Now for the food.  I had eaten, or given away, all of my Canadian bacon so Bev picked up another half pork loin for me to make another one, but before making the bacon, I sliced off a few chops for supper.

I made up the bacon brine and added the chops for an overnight soak as well.  After removing them from the brine, I gave them a quick rinse and let them air dry in the fridge.  Since they had spent about 16 hours in the brine, I only added some pepper prior to cooking, but I did Jaccard them to tenderize.

Bev used our peeler/slicer to prep the apples – this is a great little tool.

She fried the apples in a little butter with Allulose sweetener and cinnamon.

When the apples were about done, I pan fried the chops (no breading) in a little olive oil to an internal temp of 140F.

This my plate with the chop, apples, and some leftover broccoli.

It was delicious and Bev commented several times that “this is so good.”  The chops were tender and juicy and the brine provided plenty of salt.  With 300 calories for the chop, and no more than 100 for the apples and broccoli, the meal was less than my 450 calorie max for supper.  

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  1. two great flavor combos I like to do mine by hand and a knife less to wash lol

  2. Larry, I've never known how Canadian bacon is made...and never thought about making our own. You do have more kitchen tools than most chefs! Take Care, Dave

  3. A healthy and tasty dinner! I forget how much I love pork with apples.

  4. I love the pork and apple combo. I'll have to give this a try. And the allulose sugar substitute is an interesting find for me. I do get questions about using a sugar substitute in recipes from time to time. I need to try brining pork chops, maybe I'd buy them more if they were tender once cooked.


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