Thursday, November 28, 2019

Hooters and The Village Fish Market


When the girls go to Marco for there annual trip, my buddy, Joe, and I make our yearly visit to Hooters for wings and a beer and this time another joined us.  One of the sad things about getting old it having to admit that I now go to Hooters just for the food.

After studying the menu, Joe and I realized we wanted some salad so, rather than wings, we both got the Hooters Original Buffalo Chicken Salad described as “Spring mix greens stacked with breaded chicken tossed in your favorite wing sauce. Topped with diced tomatoes, bleu cheese or ranch dressing. Technically, it’s still a salad.”

I thought my salad, my hoppy IPA adult beverage, and the visit with friends were all very good and I look forward to next year, when I'll be even older.

Speaking of the my Florida girls, they also had a good lunch but allow me to digress. 

Neighbor, Pat, was only staying for one of the two weeks which required her flying home on Friday and by far the best way to do that is on Allegiant Air as it is a direct flight and cost less than $100.  If you’ve flown Allegiant, you know one of the ways they keep fares low is by flying into secondary airports and in this case it’s in Punta Gorda which is just under an hour and a half drive north of Marco on I-75.

But these ladies know how to turn this drive into positive experience by going several hours before flight time to visit Fisherman’sVillage for shopping and lunch.  Here are some shots of their meals from the Village Fish Market which is obviously fried food heaven.

They said they enjoyed the meals and I know I would have loved the last low-cal one of fried fish, onion rings, and mac & cheese.

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  1. Here to another healthy happy year ahead, everything looks wonderful have a blessed day and best year to come. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. My wife actually likes Hooters. I got her in with the premise that they have great chicken wings. Turns out she loved them.

  3. Larry, The 'guys' off to! I too can remember those visits and it wasn't all about the food. Time passes and now old guys like us at Hooters or Twin Peaks are just old geezers. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave & Laurie


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