Saturday, November 16, 2019

Eliza Visits

Last Sunday, two year old Eliza came down from Oak Ridge for a visit and she brought along her mom and dad (Wende and Ralph).  As expected, she changes quite a bit each time we see her both in size and things she can do – she brought along her rocker for this trip.

For supper, we made a chicken and mushroom dish using inspiration from Pam's recipe for Chicken with Garlic and Mushrooms in White Wince Sauce from her Midwest Kitchen Korner blog.  I made several changes – since I was serving seven people, I used 18 chicken tenders (seasoned with Lawrey's) that I had on hand rather than three chicken breasts and I used 24 oz of mushrooms.  Here are some shots of the process.

We served in with baked potatoes, lemon/butter/garlic Brussels Sprouts, and some extra gravy.

As can be seen I enjoyed gravy on my potato and I liked both the chicken and the sprouts.  The tenders worked very well and were cooked just right when pulled at 160F and I would make it again with regular cream of mushroom soup based on feedback from the diners about the flavor of the golden mushroom soup.

After eating, Eliza had a big time playing with Cindy.

It's always good to have them come for a meal and a visit.

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  1. Special times when family comes to visit. Wish it could happen more often.

  2. Larry, There is nothing like a family gathering, especially when grandkids are involved! She's sure growing up fast...but then again at our age, time flies by. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Eliza is adorable! Sometimes the simple meals are best. Great food, but leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your family. I went to Charlotte and Asheville with Shannon and her family; it was nice spending a week with the little ones.

  4. That Eliza looks like a born entertainer. So cute. And I like that chicken recipe for feeding a crowd. And is there anything better than a baked potato??? I'll have to make this meal soon.

  5. The meal looks wonderful and I bet it was so fun spending time with Eliza. She's a cutie!

  6. Eliza is adorable! And love that she brought her own rocker. Glad you tried the chicken, thanks for the shout-out!

  7. E does love to "Rah! Rah! Rah!" in her rocking chair. I think she had a great time rocking alongside her Grandpop in his big chair. Thank you for another lovely evening. I thought the chicken dish was delicious, and the use of chicken tenders made it easy to portion for all the guests, from E through Ralph. And she loved those brussel sprouts! She needs to enjoy them whenever she can at your place because she's not super likely to get them at home. :)


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