Friday, August 31, 2018

2018 Summer RV Trip – Day 33 &34 –Pelletiers & Trolley Tour

If you know anything about this area and some parts of upper MI, then you’ve heard of fish boils, where White Fish and veggies are cooked in a large pot of boiling water over a wood fire.

I’d seen a fish boil on one of the TV shows that features different restaurants and since one show had been about Pelletiers Restaurant and Fish Boil and we were camping five miles from their Fish Creek location we opted to give it a try.  From the TV show, I thought they were out in the country, but they are actually located right down town but the set-up makes it seem like you are not.

Just like on the TV show, owner Matthew Peterson, does the fish boil cooking and they have a new serving every 30 minutes beginning at 5pm, which is the one we chose.  First in is a basket with small potatoes and onions.  

Later, in goes the fish in a separate basket, which are chunks made by cutting across the whole fish.  Matthew was telling the crowd what was happening throughout the process and answered any questions.

When the fish is done, the bell is rung, boil-over is announced, and kerosene is poured on the fire which creates a big extra hot fire that causes the pot to boil over which removes the fish oil skim (and fishy taste) from the top of the water.  Everything is removed from the pot and delivered to the kitchen where it is plated and served.

They really have this down pat - soon after our food was removed from the pot, boil-over replacement water was added, soon followed by the potatoes and onions for the next serving. 

My non fish lovers had a not-so-good hamburger, but I thought all of mine was good and the fish was better than I expected considering the only spice was salt.  I like fish prepared other ways better so I likely won’t do a fish boil at home, but this was a must-do experience while in this area – the $20 cast was probably $12 for the meal and $8 for the show and I’m glad we went.

We began the next day with a stop at Village Café for breakfast and while the service was not very good and Pat’s French Toast was so-so, Bev and my meals were very good.  She had the Kim’s Meat Lovers Potato Bowl and I had a corn beef hash omelet (a first) which was topped with hollandaise sauce and served with Breakfast Potatoes – quartered small potatoes, fried with their special spice blend – which they sell. 

Shortly after breakfast, we boarded a Door County Trolley for the 90 minute narrated scenic tour where we learned about much of the history of the area, which I always enjoy.  After seeing Fish Creek from across the water, most of the tour was through the very pretty Peninsula State Park with a couple of overlook stops for photo ops.

After the tour, the girls went to Egg Harbor for a little shopping while the dogs layed around and I wrote this post.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


8/22-8/23/18 Event Date


  1. The fish boil sounds interesting as was the show, not sure I would enjoy my fish that way though.

  2. I've never been to or eaten a fish boil but it sure sounds tasty & fun. The trolley ride also seems like a great way to see the sights. Loving that corn beef hash omelet with hollandaise - YUM!

  3. Hi Larry, Ahhh...the old fish boil. We did it once up in Door County too. Bland at the best but the folks flock in for the experience. Door county is pretty though. We attended a play up there one summer many years ago too. Laurie and I just returned from our 21 day road trip up to WV, MD, PA, CT, MA, ME, NH and VT. It was a great trip with lots of sights, history and food. Travel safely! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. What a fascinating fish boil - but I was distracted by the handsome Matthew in the photos - haha. You have the most interesting posts Larry! Safe and happy travels.

  5. I would have done what the girls did and order an alternative to the fish boil. Too many bones in those whole pieces of fish for me to enjoy. The experience on the other hand had to be interesting.


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