Sunday, October 1, 2017

Western RV Trip Day 18-20 – Travel to Cheyenne & Colorado Springs

After 12 full days in the Black Hills, it was time to move south.  We left Custer, SD and drove down US-385, SD-89, and US-18 to meet up with I-25 at Orin, WY.  The roads were all good, the scenery was nice and the only issue was the wind, which seems to always be present in that area.

We pulled into AB Camping in Cheyenne, got set up and rested – I was tired from dealing with the wind as I drove our 12’x45’ sail all day.  We had stayed at this place before and it is just a decent campground and good for a couple of nights.  It does have two redeeming qualities though – a decent on site BBQ restaurant and very good WiFi.

The main reason we wanted to stop in Cheyenne was to eat at a little dive called the Diamond Horseshoe where they serve a good breakfast, especially the burrito covered in green chili (with beans in it).  Mine had eggs and chorizo in it and, once again, it was very good.  Pat and Bev enjoyed their chicken fried steak with the gravy of the day – creamed chipped beef.

Then the girls went shopping and I did several projects on the coach.

On Sat we drove I-25 south to Colorado Springs and it had some very good and some pretty rough road surface.  I decided to go right through Denver thinking the traffic on the weekend wouldn’t be so bad – bad error in judgement.  The I-25/I-70 interchange was a real bottle neck and I would now rather go through Atlanta than Denver.

Since we came in a day early, we spent the night at the CO Springs KOA, which was a pretty big and decent campground with long sites plenty of room between sites.  I would stay there again if in the area.  Shot from the web.

So now we are settled in at The Springs for three full days.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


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  1. Moving around enjoying more scenery and great meals. Not fun driving these tall wide sails in a strong wind. We try to park and wait fr the wind go away. Enjoy your time there.

  2. Larry, Well we are back from our trip while yours continues... That burrito looks good and the idea of creamed chipped beef gravy on a chicken fried steak is something that I'd just have to try...with Tabasco. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. One of these trips through Cheyenne, you should stop at the Terry Bison Ranch for a meal, even if you don't want to take the train ride to visit the buffalo (which I know would be right up your alley). The food is great, whether you're there for lunch or dinner. Traffic in Denver has gotten really miserable. I'm sure you're glad you're through it.

  4. Lucky you! We love Colorado Springs and were seriously considering retiring there, we should've I think! Beautiful in that area and plenty to do. Enjoy!!!

  5. Co Springs was our home. Mike retired from the Air Force Academy. Have fun. You are right about the traffic.

  6. That breakfast burrito has me drooling. Have fun in Colorado Springs.


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