Saturday, April 23, 2016

RVing To Stone Mountain – Days 5&6

Our final day in Pine Mountain area included a visit to Warm Springs where some visited FDR’s Little White House, hit the few shops in town, drove through the FDR State Park and ate lunch at the Bulloch House.  This is the outside of the restaurant which severed one of the better buffets I’ve had – the food was just your southern basics but it was prepared well and even the fried chicken was moist and tender.

The next day we packed up and moved about 95 miles up to Stone Mountain, GA – this was my kind of travel day, at least until we got on the I-285 Atlanta By-Pass – I have to wonder where are all of those folks are going in the early afternoon.  

Stone Mountain Park has turned itself into a destination resort with conference centers, golf, many other activities, the quartz & granite mountain, and a good sized campground in the woods.  They have a wide assortment of sites to accommodate nearly any type of camping including several for big rigs.  We ended up with one of the pull-in sites and could see the lake through the trees, at least until they are fully leafed – note the yurts sitting down by the water.

The campground is not fancy but is very adequate with paved streets and gravel sites – many are lake front.  The utilities and cable TV all worked fine, but their WiFi is very slow.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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4/19 & 4/20/16 event dates


  1. That looks like a pretty nice campground , glad you having fun there.

  2. Wonder if they will win the battle about removing the monument. I sure hope so. Those were great men. I was there before all the development took place. Pretty amazing.

  3. I have always wanted to visit Warm Springs to see FDR's Little White House. As for all of those cars on 285, they most likely are going shopping. We do our best to go through downtown on weekends and avoid 285 for that very reason. Atlanta drivers drive extremely fast. Frankly it reminds me of the Daytona 500 :)

  4. I used to wonder that same thing when I lived down there. We were just a bit east of Stone Mountain near Snellville. I always enjoyed taking the kids to Stone Mountain. It is a pretty place but the Atlanta metro area is way too crowded for me :) Enjoy!

  5. Larry, I visited the Little White House many, many years ago. Laurie's never been there so it's on our list. Thanks for the tip on Bulloch House! My kind of pig out place... Really good fried chicken is hard to find. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. There you are! I told Pete just now, "Larry and Bev are on the road again". He said, "They have been on the road". :) While I'm out re-potting and planting the vegetables, he's enjoying your blog. (just kidding)
    It appears you guys are already having a great time and evidently those new knees are in top shape... good to know.

  7. We drove from the Atlanta airport to Kennesaw at about 2:30 a couple of years ago. I never want to experience that kind of traffic again! That is one handsome RV you have. Enjoy your trip!


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