Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Carne Advovada Ala Heather

Heather, over at Rocky Mountain Cooking, recently posted her recipe for Carne Advovada and it sounded too good to pass up, especially since I’d found adaptable ingredients while freezer diving - check out her site for the recipe she used.  According to Wikipedia “Adobada is generally pork marinated in a "red" chilli sauce with vinegar and oregano, …” and after looking at several recipes on-line this seemed to be accurate, but since Heather’s use of green chile sauce is the part that appealed to me, I decided to stick with hers. 

Carne Advovada - Adapted from Rocky Mountain Cooking

2 pounds of pork loin, cut into cubes
3/8 cup red chili powder (like Heather, I used Hatch)
½ tbs. salt
2 cans Hatch hot, chopped green chilies – I used canned to save my last bag of the good ones
½ large onion, diced
5 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp. ground cumin

1. Trim pork and cut into cubes, both small and medium sized.
2. In a bowl combine chili powder and salt.
3. In a large bowl, add pork and chili/salt mixture and mix well with your hands until all the pork is covered in the chili.
4. Cover let sit overnight.
5. Add everything to the Crockpot and cook on high for an hour, then reduce to low and cook for 6-8 hours or until pork loin is very tender.

We just rolled it in a flour tortilla and topped with some shredded lettuce and sour cream and I thought it was delicious.  The shredded meat came from the Chile Verde and the cubes are the pork loin.

Since a big part of my dish was our homemade chile verde and Heather used green chile sauce with pork, I suspect the two were somewhat different but I believe we did use the same Hatch red chile powder which had to have made them taste very similar.  I think this dish basically turned my green chile into red and I don’t know if it is classical Carne Advovada, but I loved it this way - much better than my shots of it showed.

Next time, I would not use the pork loin cubes but would make it as Heather did or just add the right portion of the other ingredients to my Chile Verde - the canned hot chiles added plenty of heat.  I think it would have been very good atop most any starch - potato, rice, pasta, chips, etc.

Thanks Heather for several delicious meals.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


10/22/14 meal date


  1. Now thats sounds like one very tasty dish, making me hungry Larry.

  2. Carne advovada is a new one to me. Looks delicious and I really like you rolled it in a flour tortilla.

  3. Sounds wonderful Larry. Like Sam said, this is a new one to me too.

  4. Larry, This is a great looking chili! Was it spicy enough for Bev? I know that you like a milder version of most dishes like this. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

    1. Dave - I thought it was pretty warm so I would guess it was just right for her, but don't remember her saying.

  5. Probably too spicy for me --but if I could make it less 'hot' ---I probably would enjoy it...

    Hope you are ready for some cold weather on Saturday!!!! Brrrrrrrr.

  6. I think it looks and sounds really delicious! I bet the leftovers (if there were any) would be delicious with a over easy egg on top!

  7. There is nothing like slow-roasted and well-seasoned pork. This does sound really good! I need to see if I can find Hatch chili powder.

  8. I've gotten hooked on green and red sauces this year and my list for trying things is growing fast, in part because of Heather and Lea Ann, lol.

  9. I'm dying to find that Green Chili Sauce in the freezer section like Heather bought. I made my own a couple weeks ago and it was delicious and now want to try the more convenient choice. I also want to try this recipe and soon

  10. This recipe was tailor made for me We have roasted hatch chile in the ice cave. I probably swap out the pork loin for shoulder. You always make some great stuff..

  11. This sounds like a great dish to warm us on a blustery cold day.


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