Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 Western Trip – No No’s Café In Littleton & Roasted Chiles

While we were sitting around the campfire the previous evening, Bob suggested we go to breakfast at No No’s Café the next morning and we all quickly agreed.  While no shots were taken the previous night, we were all prepared with cameras for this meal.  Here are a couple of shots of the Café.

Bob took a shot of us then the waitress got one of the whole group - Heather, Pat, Bob, Larry, Bev, Lea Ann.

I’ve been on a potatoes-and-eggs kick lately and ordered the Hash Brown Pie which was a mix of peppers, onions, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and hash browns along with two over easy eggs.  This is how it looked after I fixed it.

Bev and Lea Ann had a breakfast burrito – humongous as usual - Bev and I shared the leftovers the next morning.

Pat had Texas French Toast.

Bob and Heather had the Cajun Grits and Eggs described as: Green onions, bacon pieces, cheese, roasted jalapenos, pepper jack and cheddar cheese, Cajun seasoning and butter (no photo of it).

Everyone seemed to really like their meals, especially those with bacon in them (all but Pat’s) – it was very good bacon.

After breakfast we followed Hearther over to a little outdoor market to pick up some roasted chiles that were from Hatch, NM - Chile Capital of the World.  We also picked up some green and red chile powder.

We got a bushel of the mild Anaheim type chiles and we split a half bushel of roasted jalapenos with Heather and Lea Ann.  The direct flame tumbling roasters they use work better than my grill as it quickly blisters the skin which cooks the peppers less, so they are sturdier to work with.

We ended up with five quart bags of chiles and a quart of jalapenos in the freezer and I'm looking forward to using them soon.  When I’ve grown and roasted my own chiles, I had always peeled and seeded them prior to freezing but the young man doing the roasting advised that this was a mistake as I was tossing most of the flavor and I should peel and seed them after thawing and just before using.

Please check Lea Ann's blog for more shots and info.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. What a cool way to roast the peppers. Good tip about peeling and seeding them later. I never knew.

  2. I've seen them roast peppers that way before and have always wished I had one at home.. they work amazingly well!!
    And all the breakfasts look great.... and how could breakfast not be loved when bacon is involved? :)

  3. You will find it a lot easier to remove the charred skins if you freeze them first. When they are partially thawed the skin will come of easy peasy. They keep really well in the freezer. Enjoy!

  4. French toast - yes that's what I want for breakfast this morning. Yours looked really good (well except for the cheese) but that french toast just really hit the spot.

  5. Larry, Thanks for the heads up on No No's Café! The French toast looked great and its something that I haven't had in ages... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. You and I have such similar tastes in breakfasts. I think yours looks like the tastiest and it's the one I would have ordered too!

    Good tip about freezing the whole chile.

  7. Really, Larry, when are you not on an eggs and potatoes kick? Unless it's an eggs and potatoes with something else kick? We know we can depend upon you to keep chickens in business. Glad you had such a good visit while in Colorado.

  8. I am so surprised to hear you are on an egg and potato kick?!? I thought you stayed on page - ha ha - just messing with you Larry . The chilis sound great and I bet there will be some showing up soon with eggs.

  9. I'm so glad Bob suggested Nono's. I had forgotten how good their breakfasts are. I want to order what you ordered next time I'm there. And thanks for reminding me that Heather's bag of jalapenos are still in my freezer, I must get them to her. And, I've always frozen my chile's whole without peeling. Whether someone told me to do it that way or if it was out of laziness, I'm glad to hear I've been doing it right.

  10. I swear I can smell roasting chiles! And man, Larry, posting that picture of the hash brown pie is down right cruel, I would demolish that right now.


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