Monday, April 28, 2014

Steaks & Chops From The Freezer

I went freezer diving the other day and found some meat that needed to be used, the first being a package of center cut pork chops that were still in the store packaging.  I was totally surprised when I removed the top two and found the unseen two chops to be just as nice.

I decided to give them the same treatment as I sometimes use for BBQ ribs which is a blend of two Billy Bones seasonings and a baste of Tennessee River BBQ Sauce when I flipped them.  I cooked them on the gas grill with some romaine lettuce and bacon wrapped green bean bundles (also from the freezer).

It made for a fine meal but while the chops, cooked to 145*, were moist and tasty, they were a little sweet for my taste – you sweet lovers would have really enjoyed them.

A freezer is a magnificent invention and it would be hard for us to live without one (or four).  For the steaks, I used a boneless rib roast that was dated Oct, 2012 and since I knew, at worst, it might have some freezer burn, it went onto the menu.

I had wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil (that’s tin foil for some of you J) and when I unwrapped it I found no issues at all.  I had saved it from the purchase of the whole rib to make into prime rib but Bev has decided she much prefers it as a grilled steak.

I gave each side a coat of Montreal Steak Seasoning and grilled it over charcoal along with some par-boiled, bacon wrapped potatoes and plated everything together – I obviously wasn’t going for a great shot.

Bev said several times through the evening that this was the best meal she’d had in a long time – I enjoy heroing for her. But, this part of the post is not really about the meal but rather to say that properly wrapped meat can be kept in the freezer for quite a while – we must have been out of vacuum sealer bags when this was wrapped.  I’m sure we have some stuff that can’t be used, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

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4/23 & 4/24/14 meal dates


  1. You have a seriously well stocked freezer Larry and this meal certainly proves it. Love your picture header. It's much greener where you are than here though. We came home for spring and by golly I want it!

  2. Your meal looks delicious -- I probably would have enjoyed the pork chops very much. I try to keep up with what's in our freezer, but sometimes we get surprised. Fortunately almost everything is vacuum-sealed.

  3. I learned a LONG TIME AGO (after having to throw out food from the freezer) to wrap things well and date them. We then bought one of those Food Saver gadgets --and LOVE it... It certainly does prevent freezer burn...

    Sounds like you had a fantastic meal (or several)... YUM...

    We had a gorgeous weekend --but storms are around us today --and will continue for another day or so... YUK... Hail hitting our windows during the night woke us both up last night... Hope this stuff stays away from you!!!


  4. Food properly sealed will like you said last a long time in the freezer, And both those meals look pretty yummy!

  5. All of my stuff is vacuum sealed and I am constantly unearthing treasures in my two chest freezers in the basement! Did you freeze the green beans with the bacon?

  6. Larry, For a meat eater and total carnivore like myself, this was a perfect blog posting! I have yet to try grilling veggies but I guess I need to give it a try... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. Every so often I find things that have made it to the back of the freezer...seldom as delicious as your rib eye steaks. Wrapping potatoes with bacon and finishing them off on the grill is a great idea. It's almost bbq season here...yay!

  8. Everything on this page looks perfectly wonderful. Those potatoes sound great too - bacon wrapped and grilled - brilliant! We are meat eaters and grill in all kinds of weather.

  9. Evidently, I have to stop throwing out meat that is over a year old! Doesn't bacon make everything more delicious?

  10. We'd be cold and wet if we were trying to grill up here. Your steaks look wonderful, and I see you used the bacon wrap that Pam was talking about. We have to avoid bacon hereabouts, due to cholesterol, but I am envious!

  11. Wow! Bacon seems to kick up the taste, doesn't it? I need to work my way through our freezer more often....I might find something as great as these steaks hiding in there!

  12. It sounds like you have been eating very well indeed. I like your potatoes and green beans wrapped in bacon. :)

  13. That steak meal looks so good Larry. Grilling season may finally make an appearance this weekend in our back yard. I ditched the tin foil and bought one of those seal machines for freezer items. I'm loving that thing. Got it last Fall and am so glad I spent the $$$


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