Sunday, April 13, 2014

Madison Update & My Blog

Several of you have asked about Madison so I decided to do a little post about her.  She is a lovely and pretty typical 16 year old – the second part is a negative.  She does on-line school and is about to finish her freshman year assuming she can get through Algebra I and she has a B+ average so far. 

For most of the time we’ve had her, she was generally in a bad mood and we assumed it was psychological and a result of some of her medications but during a recent doctors visit, she was discovered with very low vitamin B level.  She began taking a supplement and it’s like a different person is now living with us.

She spent Christmas with her boyfriend in LA and flew across the country by herself as a major event in her life and the plan is for her to go again in May for his prom.

She and Bodie are enrolled in dog training classes and she now has both he and Coco doing tricks – she is very patient with them which supports her stated desire to have a career in the animal field.  As a further reinforcement, she is really enjoying volunteering at the local animal shelter – where, of course, she does things she won’t do around here.

Several years ago, she expressed an interest in modeling and we have restarted that process – she is pretty, curvy, and very photogenic so this may also be an career option for her.  

If we could only inspire her to enjoy RVing we would have it made.

MY BLOG - I just finished a big day of BBQing and didn't even think about taking photos for a blog post.  I also notice I've been slacking off on my posting and this tells me I need a blog semi-break.  So rather than post every day, or three times a week, or ...., I'm just going to post when the spirit moves me, but I'll be reading yours as usual.  I hope you'll continue to stop by.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


4/7/14 photo date


  1. First of all, I am thrilled with Madison's news. Being a teenager is hard enough without a medical problem to compound the issue. She is very photogenic and it's nice that she will be able to enjoy it. And helping animals is always a good thing for any age Maybe she'll even come around to find that she enjoys RVing when she tries it again now that's she's in good health.I can't tell you how pleased I am that there's a solution that works for Madison. Vit B deficiency effects the nervous system and can be very harmful if left untreated. At least that's what I've been told as I am deficient in Vit B also (fairly normal actually for a person my age though).

    Breaks are always good. Blog when you feel like it and don't feel like you "have-to." Enjoy spring. Life is good and your house is in order.

  2. Good for Madison and Good for you for being the ones that are there. Special place in Heaven for those that are then when needed.

    As to blogging. Been there... several times. Looking forward to the dish you make that you can not wait to share! See you in June!

    Dave and Jackie

  3. Madison is a beautiful young lady. It is not easy being a 16 year old. I know I have one myself :-)


  4. Madison is gorgeous - look at those eyes and cheekbones. So glad they found the vitamin deficiency. I have a B-12 deficiency which is pernicious anemia and take shots every month. Amazing the difference one vitamin can make. Other than that she sounds pretty normal. Not easy but normal. As for blogging - post when you feel like it because we will still be here to read it. Just enjoy yourself.

  5. You have been very busy three woman to live with, wow!
    And blogging is when you are in the mood or it does not work for you.
    We went fulltime in 2006 at age 56 and 49. Feels like we waited too long too.
    Enjoy the lifestyle.

  6. Love your header. Spring has SPRUNG... Yeah...

    Madison is a beautiful girl and I admre you two for helping 'get' her through her teen years The older I get, the more I realize that MANY of us have vitamin deficiencies.... When we go to the doctor, sometimes I have to beg him to check my levels better... So many doctors just don't know enough about our vitamin needs --so they don't always 'deal' with them. Amazing how something so simple can cause so many problems... Glad they have found Madison's culprit. Sounds like she may become a Vet ---or something dealing with animals. Thanks for the update.

    I have been taking lots of blog breaks ---and continue to need them. It's not the writing of the blogs as the problem for me. It's all of the visiting other blogs that I just don't have time to do. BUT--I feel guilty when I don't visit them if they have visited me. SO???? I'll just blog less and less.

    Have a gorgeous Sunday.

  7. Yay for Madison. Such good news. She's a beautiful young lady with a gorgeous smile. So glad to see that photo. Every animal on this planet would be better for interacting with her. Her passion reminds me of myself. I've always regretted not doing something along those lines for a career. I want to save them all. And on the blogging note, this is my very busy season at work for me ... I've hardly had much time to blog let alone leave comments. That used to cause me stress, but now I take it all in stride. You can't do everything .. at least that's what my Mom always told me. :)

  8. Man, being 16 is such a time of turmoil. Give her our praise for working hard for her B+. She has a long time before she needs to choose a career. Heck, I changed my mind a few times as an adult! First I was a teacher, then a full time mom. After the kids had grown, I had a few other careers. She will find her way.

  9. She is a lovely girl! I love that she volunteers at the shelter. I think we all need blog breaks... enjoy blogging when the spirit moves you.

  10. Thank you for the update on Madison, Larry. I'm so happy you found out about the Vitamin B and that it has made such a difference for her. She is a very pretty young woman and good luck to her and whatever she chooses to do!

    I have also cut back on blog posts as it was getting to the point where all I was doing was sitting at the computer and that's such an unhealthy thing.

  11. I'm glad to hear that Madison is doing so well. She is very pretty! It's a good thing you figured out the Vitamin B problem, and that it's making such a difference in her personality. 16 is a nasty personality trait, for sure.

    Post when you're inspired. It does become a chore after a while.

  12. Madison is absolutely lovely and so glad you discovered the vitamin deficiency so it can be corrected. You are one of the hardest working bloggers I know . A little break is always a good idea. I'm finding two days a week suits me with the blog. If I didn't work full time I would try for more - but I want a life as well. I know you understand. I appreciate every single time you stop by and see my posts. You are a good virtual-friend!

  13. Larry, Great photo of Madison! As you know, both Laurie and I really like Madison and enjoy visiting with her. Her love of animals and her recent personal growth in general are great indications of positive things to come... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave and Laurie

  14. Woo hoo! Good for Madison, that's great that she's doing so well. She is really pretty and I bet she could do anything she sets her mind to do.

    Good for you in taking a blog break, it definitely needs to happen now and then. Enjoy and we'll read your posts when you feel like writing! I've done it also several times. It's always good to see you "around" though!

  15. Madison is beautiful and it is good that there is an easy solution to her health issues. Her commitment to taking care of animals is admirable. I know how you feel about blogging Larry. Sometime it is just too much trouble to get out the camera. Better to blog when you are moved to do so than grumble about it so that it becomes a chore. My posts are much better when I am glad to be there. We will be glad to see you anytime.

  16. She's beautiful! If I lived nearer to you, I would love to do a photoshoot with her!


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