Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cookbooks For Free

We are in the process of doing a little downsizing = getting rid of stuff that has been clogging the closets, bookshelves, garage, etc.  We have a lot of books that we never use and my initial plan was to take them all to the library and let them sell them to raise money, but it occurred to me that many of you enjoy cookbooks and might put ours to good use.

Before I do something else, I am offering them to you for the cost of a box and postage.  They range from very good to like new condition (which is why they are leaving here).  All you have to do is tell me (via comment here or email) which ones you want, the address to mail them, and send me a check when they arrive.  

Following is the ones that are available so far (HB/SB = hardback/softback):

Dr. BBQ’s Road Trip (SB) – Ray Lampe
Essentials of Grilling – Williams Senoma (HB)
The Geometry of Pasta (HB) – Caz Hildebrand & Jacob Kennedy
Kitchen Secrets (HB) – Readers Digest
Simply Suppers (HB) – Jennifer Chandler
The Mushroom Cookbook (HB) – Victoria Lloyd-Davies
A Real American Breakfast (HB) – Jamison & Jamison
Soups & Sandwiches (HB) – Crescent Books
1997 recipe Annual (SB) – Sunset Magazine
Red Chile Bible (SB) – Kathleen Hansen & Audrey Jenkins
Green Chile Bible (SB) – The Albuquerque Tribune
The Babbo Cookbook (HB) – Mario Batali
Lessons With Louise (SB) – Louise Durman
Smoke in the Mountains Cookbook (SB) – Kent Whitaker
Scona Favorites (SB) – AlCOA’s Executive Retreat in TN. (wild game thru fried okra)
Seasoned With The Sun (HB) – The Junior League of El Paso (Tex-Mex recipes)
Lincolnia United Methodist Church (SB) – Alexandria, VA
First United Methodist Church (SB) – Gatlinburg, TN
214th Aciation battalion Family Recipes (SB) – Heidelberg, Germany

These last four may be the real gems as they are family recipes.  They will be first come, first served and don't be afraid to be assertive - it's cheaper to send them all to one address.

Footnote:  A whole clean-up is obviously a two person job and while I'm working on books and the garage, Bev decided to work on MY shoes, reducing from 10 pairs to 5, but she didn't bother with her hundreds of pairs - slight exaggeration.

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  1. Good for you. I need to do exactly the same thing, but it's hard. I put a book in a pile to toss, then come back later, flip through it and decide to keep it. I think I'm a lost cause:)

  2. I love cookbooks but since I don't cook anymore and we live in a fifth wheel, there is no place for them.

  3. Larry, Thoughtful idea... In our case, we could easily shed 30 cookbooks that we don't use and still have plenty left over...many of which we don't use! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. For awhile, we were buying any cookbook we did not have whenever we went to garage sales. We assembled a huge collection of them. But then we had to shed most all of them when we went full time.

  5. Way to go, Larry! This is a great way to downsize. I have a ton of cookbooks and no room for one more, need to do something like this!

  6. How generous of you, Larry. I love the Junior League Cookbooks and would be thrilled to have one from El Paso if it is still available. We love Tex-Mex cooking. Many thanks.

  7. What a generous offer, Larry! I feel I cling to cookbooks too long and use more recipes that I find online and from blogging friends. However, I wouldn't mind adding Babbo to my cookbooks if it's still unspoken for. I love Mario Batali.

  8. Too many cookbooks??? Hmmm. DOn't tell Jackie or she will get ideas.

    If you promise not to tell her, I will stake a claim to A Real American Breakfast (HB) – Jamison & Jamison
    Don't mail, I'll pick up in June

    Dave but not Jackie this time

  9. I need another cookbook like I need another hole in the head. - nope, didn't even look at the list to be tempted. Great idea though. Maybe I'll do the same.

  10. Larry - don't you know that ladies don't like to give away their shoes?

    Great list of cookbooks. I have far too many to take on any new ones. I am sure you will have no problem getting these books new homes.

  11. My husband and I are doing the same thing. When you have a large basement and an even larger barn, it is very easy to keep too many items. I'm going to hate getting rid of a lot of my cookbooks but I'm hoping others will enjoy them as I have.

  12. We need to do the same thing in our house, otherwise a couple of these would certainly get my attention. It's so much easier to accumulate than it is to de-clutter!

  13. You know I just did the same thing…I ended bringing mine to the library. What you are doing is an excellent idea.



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