Saturday, April 5, 2014

2014 Florida Trip – West Palm Beach Green Market

With spring gardening now upon us and fresh markets opening in some parts of the country, I thought I’d make one final post from our winter Florida trip.  Unlike many of the markets we attended, this one had few, if any crafters, but rather produce, food to eat, and plants, and it was located on the Inter-coastal Waterway.  It is open Oct 5, 2013 through May 31, 2014.

As you can see from these first shots, it was well attended as were the others we visited.

Some of the produce including the biggest carrots I’d ever seen.

This was Bev’s favorite stop - the little machine in the foreground made them automatically.

Some of the many plants.

They also had beef which I opted not to buy, for obvious reasons - but hey this was Palm Beach.

While Florida is a big beef producing state, it seems to be more expensive than in Tennessee, even in the supermarket.

They had live entertainment.

These guys were parked just across the street from the market - note the size of he guy on the ramp in the second shot.

Finally, there was a group of ladies wearing these.

Florida in the winter is a great time to hit the farmers/green markets as both fresh produce and fruit are available.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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1/25/14 event date


  1. I had to Google that waygu beef. Sounds like it would really be good but for one 16 oz rib eye they wanted $85. Definitely not in our price range. I would prefer a farmer's market that didn't have any crafts and stuff. Just the produce and food.

  2. I'd be in Hog Heaven at that market. The veggies look tremendous... YUM.. And you know how much I love flowers.... How special is that!!!!! (Makes me yearn for summer and some fresh veggies!)


  3. What an amazing farmer's market! I could spend all day there.

  4. This is quite a market. The flowers and produce are all very impressive, but I must admit that those doughnuts looked pretty impressive as well.

  5. Very upscale farmers market I would say. The people are so well dressed everything looks perfect, including the fancy yachts. Not at all like our local mountain markets with lots of local crafts and a musician strumming a guitar and singing "Homegrown Tomatoes" :) You were definitely in Palm Beach.

  6. Great farmer's market & people watching. Great photos Larry!

  7. Beautiful market and photos! I especially like those red velvet doughnuts. After the cold winter that we had, I think that I will spend the next winter in Florida.

  8. The gulf is so shallow, it must have been terrible getting that big boat around! Looks like an outstanding outdoor market!

  9. Larry, Great looking farmer's market... Laurie would go bananas there! Cool yacht too! The Top Five is owned by Terence Pegula, who was a founder of East Resources, a large oil and gas company working the Appalachian Basin. Sold the company to Shell in 2010. He's worth an estimated $3.1 Billion. But no worries...we could get together with 4 other couples and lease the yacht for only $190,000 a week! Comes with a crew of 9, including 3 stewardesses. Check out the brochure and photos of this 157' Christensen Yacht at Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  10. Love the Farmer's markets in Florida. There is always fresh produce. Great pics Larry.

  11. I had to smile when I saw the photos…that is Palm Beach for you. Well dressed people, big yachts, and expensive meat. Certainly not like the farmers market I go to when we are in Maine. :D

  12. Big carrots, big boats and big shoes ... Texas won't take kindly to this.


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