Thursday, October 24, 2013

2013 Western Trip – A Day In KC

As of Oct. 2, we are back at Almost Heaven South and the 5300 mile trip is in the books, but I will continue to post our adventures, in order, unless something important happens around here.

Our first evening in KC was at the rodeo, the second day was at a big whoop dee doo BBQ in the cul-de-sac at the Scott’s, and the third day was spent around Kansas City.  I didn’t post about the whoop dee doo since Dave did, but let me say he went all out and layed on some super good food for us and his friends, who we enjoyed spending time with.  

Here are the links to his posts: 

I just can't imagine all of the thought and work that Dave put into this magnificent meal - at least he got 14 blog posts out of it - please check them out, especially the turkey - best I ever ate.

This was our second trip to the KC area and since I ate no BBQ  the first time, I didn’t want to make that mistake again, so we began the day at the original Oklahoma Joe's for lunch – located in a gas station.

Their advertised hours are 11am - 9pm and when arrived at 10:50am service had started and there was a short line.  I decided to try just meat and since the least I could order was ½ lb each, I got brisket, pork, and sausage.

When we left, the the short line upon our arrival had grown and was through the restaurant and out the door.

I thought the Que was very good for a restaurant and I enjoyed that Bev said she preferred my BBQ to theirs – what else matters but pleasing my honey.

After the lunch, the girls went shopping in the Plaza Shopping District which contains many works of art and fountains.

Dave and I headed to Independence, MO for a visit to the Harry Truman Museum - my first presidential museum/library.

After their shopping and our touring, we met up for a drink and good-bys while Jackie contemplated the impending government shutdown and likely furlough.  We had a great time with them and won't miss the opportunity for another visit if ever in the area.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


9/30/2013 event date


  1. Bev is right. Of course your BBQ is better than eating out. We all knew that!

  2. Wow, that is a feast. I didn't think Dave bogged anymore, better go track him down.

  3. I'm with Lea Ann.. what a feast!!! Sounds like you had a very nice time... but then again, your whole trip has sounded dang near perfect!!

  4. Now you know for sure that your BBQ is the best. And you are so right - nothing is more important than making sure your honey is happy.

  5. Larry, You should have gone to Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbeque. We would highly recommend it the next time. Great meat and the best beans ever! We honeymooned at the Plaza way back when...and my brother the artist painted the former Union Station...and last we heard it's hanging inside. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. Wow! Dave really outdid himself - I checked out the links to the recipes and everything looks amazing!

    I love that Bev loves your bbq better than the restaurants - that always feels good to hear.


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