Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines Day In The Smokies - Part 2

The header shot was taken mid afternoon on a cloudy day, so these guys are closing up for the day, but it looks like spring is about to happen at Almost Heaven South and I didn't accomplish near as much as I wanted over the winter - we've definitely got to put the Christmas decorations away soon.

In the interest of keeping my posts shorter, I split this day-trip blog into two parts and this is the return to Gatlinburg from Cherokee, NC, where we spent the day at Harrah's Casino - see Thursdays's post for Part 1.

I couldn't get any great mountain shots on the return trip as the sun was always in the wrong place - I expected to come back sooner, but it took us much longer than normal to make our donation at the casino - I was actually ahead for about half the time, but alas, the one armed bandits eventually got me.

It was 59* when we left Cherokee and 42* again on the mountain top, with the same wind still blowing as the morning trip. This is the famous chimneys in the late afternoon sun.

This visit will undoubtedly give me all I need of Gatlinburg for a while. Over the years, as family members have visited us and wanted to go to this area, I’ve told them I will demonstrate how special they are to me by taking them to Gatlinburg.

We ate out several times (Blaine's Bar&Grill, Calhoun's, Los Rancheros Mexican, and Bubba Gump's) but didn't have anything memorable. I did have a dish at Bubba Gumps that I plan to see if I can replicate at home - I'll blog about it if I get around to making it.

Since we ate a late lunch at Paula's restaurant, dinner back at the condo was a simple affair - mead wine and chocolate covered strawberries.

They gave Bev the red carnation at the restaurant. - not a bad finish for a great day with my Valentine.

Hope you've enjoyed our little mini-vacation in the Smokies and thanks for stopping by.



  1. It sounds like you had a perfect Valentine's Day. We haven't been in years, but Bob and I use to spend a week each spring in Gatlinburg. We stopped the annual trip after the children started to arrive, but we both have very pleasant memories of the times we spent there and in the park. I'm sure it has changed greatly. Pidgeon Forge and Cherokee were dots on a map and not much else back then. It was long before Dollywood or Harrahs arrived on the scene, and most nights were spent walking the main drag and watching taffy being made. I'm glad you had a good time and thanks for the memory :-). Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  2. I love your simple Valentine snack! Thanks for the photos of the Smoky Mountains, never seen them except from an airplane. Those are the Smoky Mountains aren't they???

  3. Chocolate covered strawberries are the quintessential V-Day dessert! It sounds like you guys celebrated beautifully!

  4. Larry, You truly are a romantic! Nice touch for Valentine's Day... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. What a lovely Valentine date with your sweetie - and I'm so jealous that your spring bulbs are blooming. Ours our still frozen and locked in by snow. sigh ..

  6. That's the problem with becoming a great's hard to enjoy eating out at restaurants anymore!

    You have to get Newfound Gap just at the right conditions to catch the majesty of that view. I've yet to pull it off. The one day I was there at the perfect time on a clear day with the clouds below filling the valleys, I didn't have my camera with us. I could have screamed!


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