Monday, February 21, 2011

The Power Shopper Is Home

Bev made it home safe from Gatlinburg on Friday carrying several bags – I knew the serious shopping, or at least buying, wouldn’t happen until I left. One of the traits Bev inherited from her Mom is an overwhelming need to get the best possible deal and she’ll spend lots of time a gas money to be sure she does – probably more than she saves. So I’m sure she spent her time while I was there just accumulating info for the actual buying that would come later. She obviously spent most of her time in kitchen stores as I brought two bags full home with me and she brought more.

During one of our phone conversations, she advised she was bringing me a surprise and sure enough, it was.

I think it will look great against the red leaves of the Japanese maple when in leafs out.

I’ve never had a pet rock before and I love it. It’s 20”x18”x5” and must weigh a hundred pounds - I could barely get it unloaded - not too worried about someone carrying it off. It came from the Sandman’s Workshop, which is located in an artsy community outside of Gatlinburg called The Glades – this is the real art verses the mostly junk found in downtown. The design is sandblasted into the rock then the relief is painted. Nice thing about this craft is the primary material is free as these round sandstones are everywhere in this area – I’ve removed hundreds of smaller ones from my garden.

She also bought a little all copper fountain for the sun room which was made by Artisan Greg Hooker at the Fountains of Living Waters.

If you can’t find it in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area, it may not exist.

I read in the paper this morning that they will be paving part of US-441 over the mountain beginning March 1, so if planning a trip to the area, you may want to avoid that road until you know it’s completed.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Bev the power shopper. I love it. What a great gift - a pet rock. Bev knows how to shop and please the ones she loves.

  2. I need to go shopping with Bev. I've had my eye out on an indoor fountain for months. Looks like Bev found a unique and beautiful buy. Also love that pet rock. I'm always picking up unique rocks, so do have some pets.

  3. Bev and my mom would get along wonderfully!! I love the rock and the fountain...great finds!!

  4. Hi Larry, Looks like Bev and the ladies had a good time shopping... I'm not much of a shopper myself and stay away from Gatlinburg and places like that for that reason... I do love hiking there though--and EATING... ha ha

    Love your HUGE pet rock!!!!

    Have a great day.

  5. Beautiful treasures - tell Bev I'm impressed!

  6. They'd better hurry on 441, it's one of the few ways to Carolina when the rock slides hit I40 again!

  7. The fountain is really pretty, and I like your stone. No one will wander off with it!

  8. Larry, Bev bought some nice items...but this is why I stay with or near Laurie when we're near stores or any type of shopping! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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