Wednesday, April 27, 2016

RVing In Stone Mountain – Day 9 – Laser Show

Our last day in Stone Mountain began with a fine plan that was soon altered when we discovered there was to be a throng at the park protesting the carving on the mountain.  We had originally planned supper, but to insure we had plenty of time before the evening’s festivities, we decided to do lunch at the Metro Café Diner (seems like saying the Metro Restaurant Restaurant to me) – I got a shot of our group and just had to take one of Bev’s Gyro Platter as it was a huge plate of food and the gyro was delicious.

Since they served breakfast all day, I had fried catfish with home fries and fried eggs (on top of course) and it was very good, especially the fish.

So following lunch and after seeing how much the campground had filled, we decided we should go pretty early to the Laser Show Spectacular only to find that it had been cancelled due to fear that the protesting folks might pose a danger – so here are a couple of shots from the web of what we would have seen.

The bad part is that this is the only park activity we had planned to do – oh well, maybe another time.  Later, we saw the evening news coverage of the protests and the counter protest and there seemed to be quite a bit of activity with a couple of injuries and several arrests. There were police in riot gear but thankfully in the campground, we were oblivious to it all.

Since all of the park events were closed that evening, we sat around the fire and visited, which was probably just as good as the show.  At evenings end, I walked up a small hill to our RV and when we arrived, I said to Bev, you know what, I just walked up here knee pain free - it was a great feeling to have after so many years of painful walking.

This ends our double rally with the Tennessee Travelers and a big thank you to our Rally Masters for a fine job – we all had a good time and always enjoy spending time with these folks.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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4/23/16 event dates


  1. More fun rally time, then to relax again.
    Sure is nice to be pain free, enjoy !

  2. Those men are a part of our history and erasing them off the monument won't change that fact. Oh well. Sorry about the laser show. But great news about no knee pain.

  3. Larry, Glad to hear that your knees are healing like they were intended... No pain is a good thing! Dinner sounds good too. We found some decent gyros on our most recent little trip too... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Yay for knee pain free walking!!! It's too bad the light show was cancelled but glad you had a good time visiting with your friends instead. That gryo platter looks tasty!

  5. Pain free walking is the best! So glad those new knees are working out for you. And I think that an evening visiting with friends is better than fireworks; those times are what great memories are made of.

  6. The Stone Mountain laser show is a good one - hope you get the chance to go back again one day and see it. What a great looking group! Fun trip :)

  7. So glad that ya'll managed to have a blast anyway! And that breakfast with the catfish looks fab!

  8. Sitting around the fire visiting sounds pretty darn good to me.

  9. How nice that you are getting to really enjoy yourself and be pain free.

  10. Hi There, I've enjoyed following your RV journey into GA... We have been to Stone Mountain --but that was many years ago and it has changed A LOT... Sounds like you are doing well with your new knees. Hope you are still working hard on your weight now.. That will help SO much...



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