Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Humor

Congress Is Hostage
A driver was stuck in a traffic jam on the highway outside Washington, DC. Nothing was moving. Suddenly a man knocks on the window.

The driver rolls down the window and asks, “What’s going on?”

“Terrorists have kidnapped Congress. They’re asking for a $100 million ransom. Otherwise, they’re going to douse them all in gasoline and set them on fire. We’re going from car to car collecting donations....”

“How much is everyone giving, on average?” the driver asks.

The man replies, “Roughly a gallon.”

A Father’s Duty
My teenage daughter came home in a rage.

‘I’ve just done sex education in school today, Dad! You lied to me! You told me if I have sex before my sixteenth birthday, my boyfriend will die!’

I put down my paper: ‘Oh, he will, sweetheart, he will.’

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  1. Good ones Larry. The funniest part is they could be true.

  2. Too funny - I just got an e-mail that contained the DC one and then I open your blog and there it is again. Love it.

  3. Thanks for the smiles. As the father of a daughter I appreciate the second story, although I would gladly contribute a gallon toward the first!

  4. LOL...... By the way, I just love that header photo. When we were in Silverton, it was raining and all my shots of the train have raindrops :-(


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