Friday, October 11, 2013

2013 Western Trip – Oscar’s & Jan’s

We only ate out one time in Durango and it was breakfast at Oscar’s where we’d eaten last year and when we got there at about 10:30, it was still packed on a weekday.

Bev had the Southwest Breakfast Burro - it’s big! eggs, sausage and cheese burro, smothered in our own chili verde and hash browns - $8.95

I had the Southwest Breakfast Scrambled Eggs -topped with sausage, cheeses and chili verde served with toast or tortilla and hash browns - $7.95

I can’t remember what Pat had but Bev and I both enjoyed ours a lot – at least the half we ate - and we ended up getting a quart of their chile verde to go.

When we check into a campground, I try and remember to ask where the locals go to eat and in Buena Vista, I was given three places with the first one being Jan’s Family Restaurant and Lounge and we went there the next morning for breakfast.

Pat had an okay breakfast sandwich, 

but Bev and I went for the gusto – the leftovers work well the next day.  Bev had her usual breakfast burrito which was absolutely huge.

I had the chile relleno with fried eggs and hash browns.
I thought my chile relleno was different and extra crispy and when we got to Denver, we were asked if we ever used egg roll wrappers to make our rellenos and the little bulb lit up for me as that is what Jan's had done.  Much simpler than our normal batter and the wrapper is crispier and stands up to sauce better - it will be tried at home.

As seems to be the case recently, Bev and I really liked ours and we got a two quarts of Chile Verde to go – I really need to learn to make this stuff.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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9/16 & 9/20/2013 meal dates


  1. Y'all sure eat good on your trip. Looks like you might have some left-overs for later. Love the photo of the train on your header.
    Happy Trails.

  2. Chile Verde has an addicting quality. I am on a quest to find the best Chile Verde. When New Hatch New Mexican chili's come to town I roast them and make my own. What fun you have.

  3. I've tried making at least two different chile verde recipes and was not happy with either one.... I'm hoping to find the perfect one some day :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful photo of the train. And yay for Chile Verde. With those Hatch chiles now in your possession, I look forward to a Big Dude Version.

  5. I am so in love with your train picture. I am such a wimp when it comes to spice I'm really hesitant to try a lot of things.

  6. Larry, I'd order that breakfast burrito! Huge and it looks great... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. Breakfast is the best meal of the day...I am going to be looking for your chili verde post. I have enjoyed it many times but, have never made it.


  8. It's been a while since you posted about breakfast and eggs. Glad to see you haven't changed your preferences, or I'd be very confused.


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