Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Humor - Jack Daniels Fishing Story

I went fishing this morning but after a short time I ran out of worms. Then I saw a cottonmouth with a frog in his mouth. Frogs are good bass bait.

Knowing the snake couldn't bite me with the frog in his mouth I grabbed him right behind the head, took the frog, and put it in my bait bucket.

Now the dilemma was how to release the snake without getting bit. So, I grabbed my bottle of Jack Daniels and poured a little whiskey in its mouth. His eyes rolled back, he went limp. I released him into the lake without incident and carried on fishing using the frog.

A little later, I felt a nudge on my foot. There was that same snake with two frogs in his mouth.

Life is good in the South.

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  1. Yes suh, all us Southerners, even our snake, recognize a good whiskey when we taste it.

    Have a great weekend Larry.

  2. Now that's a snake with taste, and he'd make a tasty snake with all that JD in him!

  3. Got to love this! A great snakey story! :)

  4. sort of saw that one coming - somehow I knew snake was coming back, two frogs is priceless...
    hey, I used your chili powder in my beans, I know that is what gave them such a distinct character...

  5. Ha! Another hilarious weekend morning thanks to you!


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