Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympics – Something For Everyone

I grew up at a time when the Summer Olympics were more of the traditional athletic events, leaning heavily toward track and field and the competitors were amateurs or at least supposed to be.  I believe allowing professional athletes leveled the playing field, especially for the USA, as all countries can now send their best to the games.

When watching them as a kid, I pretty much always felt I was watching a competition of athletes – the best in the world.  Now I see such events as synchronized swimming, ping pong, badminton, and archery (re-added in 1972) and have a hard time overcoming my bias and thinking of the participants as athletes – the same could be said for other events as well.  But I’ve never done them at the world class level and feel sure the badminton competition looks pretty different than our back yard games.

Having said all of this, I’m now able to look at the games as a collection of events where the best-in-the-world competitors (athletes or not) come together every four years to show their skills, see who really is best, develop national pride, re-develop part of a big city, and hopefully make money for the host city.

In looking over the events, there seems to be something that all but a hermit can enjoy watching, so I just watch the ones I like and pass on the others.  It’s great being able to overcome my bias and look at something from a different perspective – one down, thousands to go, and so little time J.

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  1. Larry, I can't remember enjoying the Olympics as much as I have enjoyed this year's games. The athletes are blowing my mind and I've often been moved to tears with the results of some of the events (Gabby in gymnastics, Misty and Kerry in beach volleyball, and Lolo's loss in track!). I've tried to catch as much as I can every day! I've never been so impressed with the Brits and their renewed spirit and enthusiasm! It's been a blast to 'travel' to London through NBC's coverage.

    A bloody good time for us all on this side of the pond!

  2. Well, I'll have to "chew" on that a bit. I've been home from work sick since Monday afternoon so have had my fill of watching. I've enjoyed it. I was just complaining about the professional basketball players being there. I was surprised to hear it had been 20 years since they were allowed to go. Time flies. I feel better about an event when I watch our youth excel. Even with all of the events that are hard to consider as "sports" as we know it, I've really enjoyed them. And yes, I think they ought to pay taxes on their winnings (opening up a whole new can of worms) :)

  3. Larry, Laurie and I have really enjoyed the Olympics this year. With the expanded coverage, there's something for everyone! Laurie loves the equestrian events and we both love racing of every type. Archery and Beach Volleyball were also winners! Even the skeet shooting was impressive. As for the pro atheletes, it was an American exclusion that needed to change as other countries were using their pro (best) atheletes to kick our behinds. Now the tables have turned... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. We have all enjoyed watching the Olympics... my kids really love the swimming!

  5. Nicely written Larry. I am truly enjoying the events this year. Can't wait for winter Olympics too!

  6. I've always loved the summer Olympics and agree on your point of about ping pong, etc. I love the track and field, gymnastics and esp. swimming since I was on the swim team all through school. Good post!

  7. I'm just not crazy about the olympics, but that's the way life is: you get to like what you want to like.

    Your new header photo is gorgeous. Your driveway entry is in fine form (and you know I love the blue spruce)!

  8. We need to have a croquet event in Connatserville when the weather cools off a little and dries up a bit.

  9. What?! There is ping pong in the olympics?! Wow. I am sooo out of touch. Apparently the good old Netflix account simply doesn't keep me up to speed. Have a great night, Larry!

  10. I was laughing my butt off that a SPEEDWALKER was booted out for performance enhancing drugs!!!!!! I mean, c'mon, it's WALKING for Pete's sake.

    Then I watched a piece on speed walking and the competitor could speed walk a sub-six minute mile. Wow, I can't even run a six minute mile right now without getting back into training.


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