Friday, July 13, 2012

Breakfasts From Independence Day Leftovers

As is often the case with a big cookout, there were leftovers from ours and since I hadn’t made any creative breakfasts lately, I decided to make a couple - first up was a burger patty.

Normally, I’m a pretty lazy morning cook, which is likely why I like to use the leftovers, but for this one I did sauté some onion and roasted red pepper – the peppers were in a jar and just needed slicing and the onion was already sliced, so still pretty lazy.

I nuked the burger, topped it with a slice of cheddar, toasted half a burger bun and slathered on a little mayo, and stacked it up.

I topped it with an over easy egg and must say it was delicious.

I used a couple of wieners for the next day’s breakfast and basically built an open-faced Northern WV dawg of bun, mustard, hot dog sauce, and chopped onion.  Then I added a little shredded cheese and the requisite over easy egg.

Again, it was delicious.

I decided to toss this sandwich in with this post because it was too good to ignore.  On the last morning of our RV trip to Roan Mountain, we opted to eat some of our leftovers for breakfast and I requested the same sandwich Bev had made for supper the previous night – a super delicious sandwich.

It started by slicing one of my barbecued chicken breast, topping it with Bev’s homemade pimento cheese, and nuking just to get the meat a little warm.  It was set on a slice of mayo’d chipotle cheddar bread from Smoky Mountain Bakers then topped with onion, lettuce, and the other slice of bread.

It was an excellent combination of flavors with the bread giving it just a little heat.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. I am just about to go to the kitchen to have my breakfast. Granola. I'm sure it will understand if I glare at it.

  2. Ok, I may need to write a cookbook on sauces, but you, my friend, need to write a cookbook on leftovers for breakfast! My goodness everything looks fantastic and makes my breakfast look like... might as well be mush compared to yours! lol

  3. Love a good protein filled breakfast and the pimento cheese melt was brilliant! Great inspiration for the weekend :) Hope you and Bev have a great one!

  4. Your creations are really making my shredded wheat not look so good. :)
    It all looks good Larry, but that hot dog looks fantastic. I've been craving hot dogs since I watched a show on PBS about them last week. Think I'll have one for lunch!

  5. Larry, Once again you've proven that you are the master of breakfast creations! Given my limits due to food dislikes, I can never hope to equal the master... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. I really like your creative (and probably very delicious) breakfasts.

  7. If you hadn't topped that leftover breakfast with an egg, I'd be bellowing, "Who are you, and why have you replaced Larry?!!!" We used to feed all of our leftovers to Thor, until his last year, when he was having trouble getting up, and I subjected him to the dreaded "D" word. I still haven't learned to cook for "only" 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 people, although I try.

  8. amazing just amazing. The photo and the idea this is brilliant!

  9. I always get a kick out of seeing your breakfast creations! lol I think I've come to the conclusion that you will eat just about anything for breakfast! hahaha

  10. You seem to always create the best breakfasts. The chicken and pimento cheese sandwich sounds great.

  11. Some good ideas there. I don't think I've had a burger for breakfast but I do like a fried egg on a burger, that's great.

    I have to find an excuse to get to the Smoky Mountain Bakery, the place looked great in that other post.


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