Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Filet And Veggie Kebabs With Grilled Corn

After all the cooking we did while our kids and grandkids were here, we were cooked-out and had lots of leftovers, which is what we’ve been eating for several days now.  Bev had bought a whole beef tenderloin a few weeks ago and we decided we were ready to carve it up and have one of Bev’s favorite meals – kebabs.  It you’ve ever carved a whole tenderloin, you understand the need to have some kebabs and grind some burger from all of the pieces that aren’t usable for steaks.

I wanted to try the Anchovy Caper Butter recently posted by Lea Ann over at Mangos, Chili and Z, so the beef just got salt and pepper prior to cooking.

I generally prefer to cook the different components on separate skewers (they cook at different rates), but the boss likes hers looking like a kebab, so I nuked the onions and peppers (both from our garden) until they were almost done before skewering.  I normally like to marinate them in Italian dressing, but all I could find was some creamy Italian, so I used it.
Finally, our second patch of corn is coming in so we added some grilled corn to the menu.  We bought several bottles of Cafe Noche Chipotle Hot Sauce Sauce while in New Hampshire in May and I used it to make a compound butter for the corn.  For three ears of corn, I used 2 tbsp of salted butter, a tbsp. of chopped cilantro, and the sauce to taste.  Bev pulled the shucks back and silked the corn, then we brushed on a good coat of the butter – not quite melted – and replaced the shucks.
I believe most people overcook corn – if you’ve ever picked and ear, shucked it and ate it raw while standing it the garden, then you know it’s very good just like that. Good, fresh corn really doesn’t need to be cooked but merely warmed, which is why it only spends about 5 minutes in boiling water when cooked here.
We prepared everything in the kitchen, then headed to the lake for dinner on the dock.  Here it is cooking and headed for the table.
I removed everything from the skewers and spooned the Anchovy Caper Butter over the meat. 
I thought everything turned out very well – even the creamy Italian dressing.  I really liked both butters and will definately use them again.  Thanks for the recipe Lea Ann.

After supper, we had a nice time just sitting on the dock until 11pm - way past my bedtime.
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  1. You're so right. People overcook corn and then wonder why it's tough. A beef tenderloin is one of my favs too. Your kebabs look delicious.

    I saw Lea Ann's anchovy butter too and knew right away that I would like it. Glad to know you're an anchovy man. We like it as a butter dip for Maine lobsters sans the capers.

  2. Grilling corn is my favorite way to prepare it. I know the corn at the farmers' market is picked the day before I buy it so a quick cook is all it needs. Yummy dinner, Larry.

  3. Looks incredible!!! I just made jalapeno beef kabobs over the weekend! Love kabobs, they are so simple and yet so delicious!

  4. I'm with you, normally the veg get their own skewer and the meat gets one too. But nuking the veg is a great idea!! I'll have to try that for sure.

  5. YUM----I love sweet corn; in fact, my sister-in-law is giving us some today... YEAH!!!!

    Your Kabobs looks wonderful also... I would love that dinner--minus the hot sauce...

  6. What a feast, Larry. I use the microwave to precook kebob vegetables as well. It is a great way to assure that everything is done at the same time. Great tips on corn as well. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Larry, Interesting... We always cook our sweet corn for about 12 minutes for 4 ears. It looks great but I still haven't worked up my nerve and tried grilling corn. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  8. The beef that you used on the kabobs is what we prefer to, no cheap cuts or it's too tough when done. Larry, all of our corn died this year . . . it was our first year's attempt and we knew it would be difficult since we have not had enough time to amend the clay soil well. I'm heading back to Iowa for a family visit where the corn is really, really sweet. 11:00? I'd be so tired and worthless the next day; but sounds like a nice, peaceful time on the lake!

  9. One of these days we too in Colorado will be enjoying fresh cooked corn on the cob. One of these days we too in Colorado will be enjoying fresh cooked corn..... That's my new mantra! :) As you know our season is late. They're predicting 1st week of August. We had such cold and wet weather all of May. Agree! I've never grilled corn but will this year. I usually wrap it in waxed paper and cook 1 minute per ear in the microwave just enough to heat it up and get that butter melting down the side of that sweet corn ....omg. I'm so glad you liked the anchovy butter and thanks for the shout!

  10. From all of this post, I know this is a weird comment, but your quip about being on the dock late at night spurred this. The thought occurs to me that I have never been bitten by a mosquito on your dock. Do you all just not get them down there?


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