Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Salisbury Steak Ala Lynda

Sometimes it’s a little scary how close Bev and my minds are.  I’d recently bookmarked a couple of recipes for this dish one within a few days of her asking if I’d ever had Salisbury Steak.  I answered perhaps only in TV dinners as a kid, but I’d just saved a couple and had been thinking of making one.  She advised we had some already cooked mushrooms we needed to use and we should make it since we had everything on hand but the meat – which she bought the next day.

I looked up the two recipes and found one was for onion gravy and Lynda’s from Lynda’s Recipe Box called for mushroom gravy – check out her site for the recipe, which I closely followed for making up the beef patties - it made two 6 oz, one 8 oz and one smaller patty, which I saved for breakfast.  I mixed them with a fork just enough to combine, weighed them out in a bowl, then dumped them on a plate and worked them only enough to get the shape I wanted.

Since I was using pre-cooked mushrooms, I made the gravy by sautéing the onions in the butter, then adding the flour to make the roux.  Then I added a couple of tablespoons of the very rich beef broth (the jus) leftover from our Christmas prime rib and the mushrooms (also Christmas leftovers), which had some liquid, and with just a little water, the thickness was just right.  Then I poured it over the meat, added a lid, and cooked about 5 minites.

We had an eclectic combo of sides to use things we had on hand and for luck, so it was grilled romaine lettuce and canned black eyed peas (this was New year’s Day) that Bev doctored with some picante sauce and chopped jalapenos.

All I can say is I’m now a big fan of Salisbury Steak – how could you not like a small personal size meatloaf, fried crusty, and topped with brown gravy.  Bev commented that she liked the very loose texture of them.  And I thought this version was excellent – thanks Lynda for a delicious meal.

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1/1/12 meal date


  1. This is my kind of meal...I love Salisbury steak...but I need some mashed potatoes with mine.

  2. Oh wow, that looks really good! Not look like any Salisbury steak I had as a kid! :) Will have to give this a try sometime soon... sounds delicious!

  3. I don't think I've ever had Salisbury Steak and do remember they were a staple in those frozen dinners. Sounds absolutely delicious and I'll be bookmarking to try soon. That gravy sounds divine. I doctored up our black eyed peas the exact same way. Then the next day sauteed some collard greens and mixed them together.

  4. I love salisbury steak and now have a sudden craving for it. Your gravy sound excellent!!!

  5. Larry, With the exception of your wierd and wonderful breakfast creations, Bev truly is the imaginative chef in the house! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. I would love YOUR Salisbury Steak ---but the ones I remember eating in college were called "Mystery Meat"... NOT GOOD... ha

    We cook our black-eyed peas from scratch with a big ham bone and other seasonings... SO good....

    Have a good day.

  7. After so many years, it's no wonder you're on the same wavelength. Sometimes our kids accuse my beloved and me of sharing a brain. I always tell them if that's the case, it's a durn good thing the brain is twice as good as others we've observed. Then they laugh.

    I've had Salisbury Steak in restaurants, but never made it at home. The gravy's easy enough, right?

  8. Even scarier, I was planning on making chopped steaks with mushroom gravy and smashed taters tonight. After reading your post, I can't wait to get home and cook and eat! Looks fantastic Larry!

  9. This looks great, Larry. I don't recall ever having this before. I didn't realize salisbury steaks were basically a meatloaf patty. My family would so love that. That gravy looks heavenly too!

  10. I have not enjoyed a Salisbury steak in many years...Definitely, comfort food. Love it. I am thinking I may have a hankering for some too.


  11. Thanks for the shout out-I'm so glad you and Bev liked my Salisbury Steak Larry! The rest of the meal looks mighty tasty too.
    Isn't it funny how a couple starts thinking alike after so many years? Can almost read each others minds.
    Have a gread week!

  12. You and Bev know how to eat in style man! That looks heavenly!

  13. Homemade salisbury steak rocks! I haven't made it in a while either. The mushroom gravy made with au jus? Genius!


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