Monday, January 10, 2011

Ham & Eggs – Basic Food

One can’t have a big fancy breakfast every day and sometimes just has to settle for a simple breakfast meal of ham and eggs. When you buy a whole de-boned Benton's country ham, you get a lot of the nice big center slices like you see in restaurants, but you also get several part pieces – taste is the same. So for this meal, it was a couple of those pieces of ham, two over-easy eggs, and toasted marble rye. Basic but acceptable :-).

It was diet-like food the rest of the day and I didn't eat the fat on the ham.

Don't know about you all, but I spent the cold, snowy weekend piled up in the downstairs den with a roaring fire and a glass of wine, watching sports and getting things in order to work on my taxes.  We awoke this morning to 5" of new snow and it's still falling lightly at 6:15am.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Looking out my bedroom window it looks like we've got about 8 inches and it's still snowing lightly. It's beautiful. I didn't go out of the house the entire weekend. Had a ravioli flop, another bread flop, but we still ate some good vitels. (did I just say vitels?) And a good breakfast yesterday a.m. was one that never flops. Is that cinnamon swirl bread? yum

  2. Sometimes you just need to go back to basics and this breakfast is the perfect way to do it. Simple and satisfying.

  3. I love stopping by your blog in the always have the best breakfasts posted!! Fried eggs are my breakfast love!!

  4. LA - Thats some of the marble rye left from the holidays.

  5. I prefer pieces of ham, because then I don't feel guilty about not using the whole thing. This looks like a great breakfast.

    We got 3" of snow between Friday and Saturday, and that's about all we've had this year. The weather is upside down! It has been bitterly cold, however. As for taxes, well, let's just say I'll package the stuff up for the tax guy in about 5 weeks, and not be happy about it!

  6. Hey, Dude! Sorry, but I've wanted to do that for the longest time :-). Your breakfast sounded great but I especially loved the part about sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine. That is my kind of winter sport. I hope all is well and that you and Bev are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Yes, it has been the ultimate day for wrapping up in a fleece and watching television! Well, if you are over 40 it is. Trev, Brett and friends have spent all afternoon over at the horsefarm sledding and snowboarding.

  8. Love your header, Larry... Glad you took that Prime Rib one off... It made me hungry every time I would come to your blog. ha ha

    A basic breakfast is just as good as the fancy ones I think... That ham looks good....

    We got about the same amount of snow --and since it's so cold, I think it's here to stay.

  9. Your breakfast looks tasty - I'd settle for an egg and some rye toast. Yum.
    It was frigid up here - but fun hanging by the fire. Our snow is all criss-crossed with deer trails, sledding hills and snowmobile tracks.

  10. It all looks so cold and desolate in your latest photo of your dock. I'd be snuggled down with a glass of good wine too if it snowed like that here.

    Keep warm and cosy, Michelle and Zebby Cat

  11. Larry, Great looking breakfast! My favorite meal of the day... We actually had to shovel the 6" of snow in our driveway. We moved to East Tennessee to escape this stuff! Since we've been here, we had the wettest year in a long time, the 6th coldest winter, the highest average temperature in the summer and the coldest December. What gives!? Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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