Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Breakfast Ala Bev

I know I get lots of comments on my breakfast meals, but if you are a regular, you know I’m kinda of lazy and won’t often go the extra mile in the morning to go from a good to a great dish.  But Beverly will and she’d said the previous night that she would be making a special breakfast, which is my cue to not get up and eat an early meal before she gets up.

It was a 20 degree morning following a 60 degree day with a predicted high of 40, so I’d gone to the basement den and built a fire to read the paper, drink coffee, and blog by.  I was reading blogs and came to Pam’s post about some perfect looking biscuits over at For The Love Of Cooking.  Since I usually eat by 8am and it was then about 9:30, I felt like Pavlov’s dog and had to be sure I wasn’t druelling on my keyboard.  These were the third bunch of great looking biscuits I’d seen in a few days and I was then really hungry.

Fortunately, Bev came thru a few minutes later with this:

½ lb of breakfast sausage
½ bag frozen Ore Ida hash browns
A big handful each of diced onion and sweet pepper
2 garlic cloves, minced

Toss it all in a skillet and cook until done.  Plate it up and top with shredded cheddar and a couple of over easy fried eggs to get this.  Maybe I should let her cook every breakfast.

I usually don't show it, but to eat, I cut the eggs up and mix well to get everything coated with the yolk.  It doesn't make for a pretty shot, but it was outstanding and certainly took care of the hunger.  But, in the very near future, I can still see some of these great biscuits with the rest of the sausage made into sawmill gravy.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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01/17/2012 meal date


  1. My favorite meal...breakfast!! Those eggs look perfect.

  2. All you had to was mention hashbrowns and I was enamored. Want.This. Definitely worth the wait.

  3. Is there really another way to eat a fried egg? You gotta get that yolk mixed up, that is the best part!! And of course, nicely done, Bev!

  4. Larry, I agree...mix it up and get the yolk all over everything! On the other hand, my better half likes to leave a fair amount on her plate so she can sop it up with her toast. Different strokes... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Mixing the yolk up all over everything is the bomb, but i have to agree, doesn't make for a good photograph. Actually, a lot of the REALLY good food doesn't photograph very well, wonder why?

    I had a potato dish that rocked but haven't posted it because I can't get a good picture, maybe it will get posted anyway.

  6. Bev can cook this breakfast for me any time she would like.

  7. I wish I ate breakfast more than 2 days a week :(

    Yours always look so good!

  8. Perfect breakfast! I do something very similar but make the potato mix the night before and then heat it while I fry up an egg for breakfast in the morning. Fast, easy and so so yummy!

  9. I'd take this breakfast any day of the week. love those perfect looking eggs!

  10. You are going to get tired of my comment but you always make me hungry! It's because it is the kind of good old home cooking that I like and will actually eat! I need to get some hashbrowns next time I go to the store. I like to fry them and just put some shredded cheese on them.

  11. Well Larry, that's what happens when you read food blogs before breakfast. Love Bev's eggs.


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