Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Last Of The Christmas Prime Rib

If you read blogs and watch TV cooking shows like I do, you see lots of beef sandwiches – Italian beef, French dip, roast beef po boy, etc. and I decided to combine what I considered the best of several to use the last of our prime rib.

The French Dips I’ve seen (speaking about just sandwiches here) have the meat and perhaps cheese on them and they are dipped in warm jus by the eater.  For the Italian Beef, the meat is usually cooked in the simmering jus and the bread is often dunked in the juice by the cook.

I sliced the last of the prime rib as thin as I could with a knife and added it to simmering jus in a skillet. 

When the meat was warm, I split a roll and dunked it in the jus on all sides, then added shredded pepper jack to the bottom half, then piled on the meat, then more jus, then the bun top, then more jus on top – so there be some on the plate for further dipping as needed.

Needless to say, I ate it with a knife and fork and it was outstanding - nearly roll your eyes back in your head good (speaking of rolling your eyes back, I've researched Ageless Male and believe it probably doesn't work - in case this applies to any of you).  I might have added a little horseradish sauce if I’d had some made up, but hey, this was just lunch for me.

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01-07-2012 meal date


  1. French dips are one of my favorite sandwiches. Seeing your sandwich sitting in all that wonderful jus is killing me!

  2. Great sandwich Larry. The last of the prime rib is always a very sad day in our house.

  3. What a delicious lunch this must have been. It sounds wonderful and was a great way to use the last of the rib roast. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. I'm rolling my eyes back in my head just reading about it. Had an interesting sandwich last week at our favorite JaJa's. On a baguette: Braised marinated pork, tomatoes, cornichons, carmelized onions, baby spinach and dijon. OMG. I've just been noticing some very interesting sandwiches these days.

  5. I love french dip sandwiches. My husband would have added the horseradish for certain and he would have been in heaven. Very nice!

  6. Just found your site via Barefeet :) Love the french dip - it looks fantastic. Also noticed you are in the Tellico region. We moved from Chattanooga to Virginia 6 years ago but spent 20+ camping at Spivy Cove and with friends at Tipton Creek. The best summers ever!

  7. You have definitely made me hungry now. My mouth is watering. I'd say more, but I have to go get something to eat.

  8. Never watched a cooking show in my life ---but I surely do love to EAT... ha ha

    Sorry your Prime Rib is gone. BUT--you all enjoyed it ALOT, didn't you???? YUM YUM.

  9. Your sandwich sounds so good. It makes me want to buy a prime rib just so that I can make your sandwich. Yum, yum.

  10. Kind of makes you want to cook another prime rib, doesn't it?

  11. Larry, Now that is one very beautiful French dip sandwich! Laurie would kill for a treat like that and so would I... That photo is like eye candy to a carnivore like myself! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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