Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes - It's Snow Time In Tennessee

We had a little snow Friday night, but by Sunday, it was pretty well all gone and looked like this.  Note the gnarly white branches on the sycamore tree.  Click on the shots to enlarge.

Then Monday morning after snowing most of the night, it looked like this. The table is mesh, so most of the snow went on through it.

This is the grill - a little over 6" and still snowing lightly.

Some shots off our decks.

This is the front of the house and it was snowing again.

I got the 4WD Explorer teed up just in case I had to get out.

I don’t have the camera to get good shots across the driveway, but it was pandemonium at the bird feeders - they didn't seem to care that I was out there taking photos.

It was a beautiful snow and deep enough to cover everything. Fortunately, it was cold and we got a pretty dry snow, so we didn’t loose power from falling trees, my BBQ canopy didn’t collapse - although, after I noticed the poles are bent when I looked at the shot, I headed out to knock the snow off,

and the boat dock didn’t sink, as the header shot shows.

It’s been many years since we’ve had snow this deep – so long that I had trouble finding my snow boots to go out in it.  It's been a long time since I had both of these items in use - Bev wanted a path across the patio into the yard for the dogs to use to go potty.  In my youth in northern WV, I became very accomplished at using one of these machines, and it's like riding a bike - notice how the 17 year old shovel looks brand new?

We ended up with nearly 7" of snow.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by on a beautiful day at Almost Heaven South.



  1. Burr. Great snow shots. You and Bev stay warm.

  2. I know. Coming from St. Louis, I am used to this stuff, but I've been here too long! We don't even have a snow shovel.

  3. Beautiful photos Larry. Can you identify all he different species of birds that caused that pandamonium? We go through snow shovels about every two years, unfortunately the new one from last year still looks new.

  4. Just looking at your photos makes me shiver. Snow and sleet are forecast for this afternoon. Love the snow...sleet not so much.

  5. LA - Most of the birds at our feeders are titmouse, chickadee, cardinal, wren, goldfinch, and nuthatch, with the occasional other varieties and woodpecker on the suet.

  6. Oh, it just looks so beautiful, but I know it's soooooo cold!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  7. It looks beautiful Larry! Hope you take this opportunity to make some snow angels and snow ice cream. :)

  8. Wow, Larry, like being back "home". ;) great shots, beautiful scenery. We on the other hand have rain, fog, and some rain.

  9. And yet, my son at UTK only got 3". UPS ran in Knoxville, and not in Blount County. Amazing how 20 miles made such a difference! Beautiful snow shots, Larry.

  10. AND--it's been snowing here all day today also... We have picked up another inch or two JUST today... Poor hubby has cleared the driveway twice and it's covered again....

    Enjoy the snow --and stay SAFE.

  11. I went to knock the snow off of my tarp for the same reason. I have done it several times this season.

    I touched it with my hand and it split open 2 feet wide! So now my tarp is duct taped until my replacement gets here.

    Looks like you got as much or more as we did! Your pups must have been up to their...ummmm, "stuff" in snow!


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