Monday, January 9, 2012

The Last Dinner Roll Must be Used

I just love Bev’s homemade rolls and since they are made sparingly, I consider them a special treat.  It didn’t matter that she baked another pan 2 days later or that the one from Christmas was then 5 days old, it had to be eaten in a special way.

I try to remember to take pictures of each meal, then decide to post them based upon how they turn out and I wasn’t planning to post this one, but.  I was ready for breakfast, Bev was still in the sack, and I headed for the kitchen.  The first thing I spotted was a plastic bag with a small piece of cheddar and some sliced green onion and another bag with chopped fried bacon – guess we forgot to put them away.  I knew the last roll was wrapped in the foil I saw so I decided to put these items to use.

I sliced the roll and the cheese into three pieces, arranged on a plate and topped the bread with the cheese, the onion, and some bacon.  I nuked them for 30 seconds which just melted the cheese a little. 

In the meantime, I cooked two eggs over easy – the bread area only needed one, but since it was thick I knew I needed extra yolk to swirl around on the plate to soak up with the bread.

Talk about simple and delicious, this was about as easy as it gets and I’d gladly serve it to you as a guest – maybe fancy it up with a little garnish and some fruit.  And now it’s on to the remaining 2 day old rolls.

When you're outside on Jan 6, 2012 in shorts and a tee shirt laying in two wheel barrow loads of wood for the fireplace, it's just possible that something doesn't make sense.

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  1. You have to laugh - on the 8th we had gale force wind, heavy horizontal rain and a temperature of only 13C/55F. I was wearing jeans, a long-sleeved sweatshirt and woolley socks - it is supposed to be Summer here!

    Thank goodness for a healthy sense of humour, sending care and huggles to you both, Michelle and Zebby Cat

  2. I need you to come to my house and make me breakfast out of stuff in my fridge.

  3. I look at stuff in the fridge and know I could make a meal but sometimes I don't. This is perfect. You do make the tastiest, best meal ever. This would be all I would eat in one day and just think it was already in the fridge so didn't cost me a dime. :) Thanks!

  4. What a great way to use up those rolls! Bacon, cheese, eggs... what more could a roll want to be topped with?? :)

  5. Man does that look good. And that perfect runny orange yolk ... reminds me of the Broncos. Did you know we overtime...the crowd went wild... (big grin)

  6. Your breakfast looks great. The weather is strange everywhere this year. The ski season here is a bust and I've been told that's pretty much the case across the country. I do love the image of collecting firewood in shorts :-). Have a great day, Larry. Blessings...Mary

  7. Yeah, it was 6 degrees last Tuesday and then 53 degrees on Saturday. Truly weird. A friend reminded us recently that a few years back it was balmy like this, ski season was a bust, and then, WHAM! Winter hit like a ton of bricks. I hope that's not the case this year.

  8. You can turn little bits of this and that into the most delicious breakfasts! I agree about adding that extra yolk for the bread. Yummy!

  9. Crazy weather, huh????? Yesterday and today was drizzly and chilly.. BUT--we're really not having much winter yet... It's supposed to get cold again on Thursday I think....????

    Great breakfast.... Gosh --this is torture for a gal who is dieting... ha

  10. Yes, just the other day I was in a light jacket on a very warm afternoon. It snowed yesterday out of the blue, and today will be 55. Odd, but I will take it! The last roll got a good workout with that breakfast!! Looks so good.

  11. I got my electric bill at work today. Kind of hard to complain about the weather, our kWh usage dropped from 13,000 last year to just over 7,000 same time this year.


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