Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ham Reuben Sandwich

Rawtalent posted a super good-looking ham Reuben the other day over at Rawtalent’s Club Eclectia and since I had all of the ingredients and had been thinking along the same lines, I had to have one. I still had some marble rye bread, kraut, & pully ham from New Years Day, homemade 1000 Island dressing, and the Swiss cheese was gone, but I had gruyere.

I don’t know about you, but the engineer in me wants everything to be neat and organized – including my food. For example, I hate it when the ingredients fall off my sandwich or even more when it falls apart. I wanted a warm sandwich and had only ham pieces that had been pulled off, so I decided to build the sandwich by arranging the ham to fit the bread, topping with the cheese and nuking until it melted. I let the cheese cool a little to reset while I heated the kraut and gave the bread and dressing a 15 second nuke – just to take off the chill.

Then, I just assembled and enjoyed.

It was every bit as good as his looked and a great use of the unique flavor of the pulley-ham. Normally, I would have scarfed down the entire sandwich, but today I could only eat half. When I went for a physical back before Thanksgiving, the doctor prescribed phentermine (the safe half of Phen-Fen) to help me lose some weight and I’ve lost 12 pounds and I broke even thru the holidays.  In addition to increased energy, it makes me very full sooner than normal, so I eat alot less.  Coupled with some participation in Bev's diet, I'm hopeful.

 I ate this lunch on BBQ day and it turned out to be a cold rainy & snowy day.  But, later in the day, the snow became the big, soft, half dollar sized flakes - I love it when it does that and I learned that if I used the sports setting on the camera, I could get a shot of it.

We just had enough to cover the grass, but Knoxville got over an inch and it was so pretty, someone made a video which was shown on The Weather Channel the next morning.

Have a good one.



  1. I just learned of a German Deli not far from home that makes their own sauerkraut and I've been thinking about making a ruben. Except I wouldn't have the luxury of that special ham. This looks wonderful Larry. I try to watch portions very carefully. But there are some things that I just can't stop eating...pasta and potato dishes being my downfall. Just yesterday I practiced with the sport feature and took rare action shots of the cat running. Another rarity; snow today in Denver, I'll have to give it a try.

  2. You just can't beat kraut made by a German who knows how. Best I ever had was a little place in Bavaria.

  3. Lol, I was ready to bust your chops for all those delicious looking calories - until I read your post. Portion control is the key to being able to eat fun food like this (unless I'm enjoying controlled portions of dozens of treats in row). Now that I got that off my chest ... WOW that sandwich looks like a wonderful use of your fantabulous leftover ham!

  4. Love this sandwich and it looks perfect. I so agree with the neat and organized! The snow---I've definitely had more than enough of it now for the year!!! And the bitter cold too!!! Palm trees look pretty to me...

  5. I admire your self control in eating only half of that scrumptious looking reuben. Our local German market has the best kraut and potato salad. I love this kind of food.

  6. I had a hamburger in a restaurant the other day, and the person sitting next to me had a Reuben. I've been wanting one ever since.

  7. Nice shot! We just got the ice cold rain down here and some pretty cold days the next few days.

    That sandwich sure looks awesome good Larry - and congrats on your weight loss!! I must need some of that phentermine. I could certainly stand to lose the weight for sure, but if it makes you cut back on portions and gives you energy too, apparently I need to make a visit to my doctor quick like!!

  8. I bet you got enough snow overnight! Did you still come to Knoxville today or did the weather keep you in?

    Love the shot of the dock covered in snow.


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