Sunday, January 8, 2012

Greek Pasta

I’d mentioned earlier that we were trying to get our house better organized and we’ve started in the kitchen with Bev doing the pantries and me doing the fridge.  As always, I find many things to trash but also discover the occasional ah ha, such as this jar of Greek Olives With Feta Cheese from Harry and David’s.

Since we’ve discovered we love pasta with various sauces other than just marinara, especially those made from olive oil, this seemed like a perfect marriage.  I don’t know how long we’d had the stuff, but it tasted fine, had nothing unusual growing in it, and didn’t make me ill when I tried it the day before – I couldn’t  even find it in their current on-line catalog.

We had some olives left from our Christmas appetizer, some sliced ones from who knows where, and some that wouldn’t fit when I combined the multiple jars we had in the fridge, so I tossed them in with the other items early in the day.  We also had some feta that needed used and it went in as well.

Then I remembered the small amount of olive salad from NOLA’s Central Grocery I’d seen in the fridge and it tasted close enough to go into the mix as well.  Then I discovered some thin sliced salami that I julienned and added to the oil.

I cooked a pound of linguini, drained and tossed with the olive mixture - I also noticed a few grape tomatoes in a package on the counter and they were halved and tossed in as well.  After plating it was topped with some grated Pecorino Romano – it’s what was open and this was a clean out the fridge meal.

We sided it with some leftover rolls made into garlic bread and it was a delicious meal – Bev even had seconds.  In hind site - mine's 20/20 you know - I shoud have used a small pasta so it would be easier to pick up the chunky olives with the pasta.  If I’d had some capicola and provolone to add, I would have called it pasta muffuletta – hmmm – go ahead and beat me to it.
Breakfast leftovers you asked.

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12/30/11 meal date


  1. I found a jar of pickled bean salad in the back of our pantry that I'd like you to test... ha

    As you know the same organization process is going on in our kitchen pantry/freezer/fridge. But I didn't see anything this good on our table over the last week. RE: pasta, I've decided I'm going to master some angel hair pasta dishes this year. They're always so good in restaurants, don't know why I don't serve it at home.

  2. Your breakfast leftovers make me hungry every single time I see them! I LOVE that you top just about anything with an egg. I need your egg skills. Yours always look perfect!

  3. You're clean out the frig and pantry pasta sounds delicious. Very creative! I love olives which makes this very appealing.

  4. Larry, I must admit that your latest breakfast creation is beyond imagination! What's next... a couple of eggs over spaghetti and meatballs?! Your fridge & pantry clearing exercise is to be commended... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. As we have discussed before, Saturday I preheated steaks in the oven prior to grilling to help get them on and off the grill in a shorter time when the last of the eight guests arrived. With the grill on high heat I used the Big Daddy Dave technique and by the time each steak was medium to medium rare the outside texture was well striped. The gests were complimentary. So, even a novice griller has learned helpful tips for better food prep from your blog. Thanks

  6. That pasta mix is just about perfect with those flavors you used. Just the thought of the briny olives, tart feta, and peccorino makes my mouth water.

    LMAO at your method for determining whether the olives were food safe, Bev has her own "food taster".

  7. Here I am thinking the pasta looks so incredible... and than the Breakfast King shows up and plops a little egg on it and I'm craving a plate of it now!!!! You rock, Larry!

  8. I think I like the breakfast leftovers best with the runny egg yolk.


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