Saturday, January 8, 2011

My World Has Just Changed – Diet Food

Bev’s sister, Pat, has enrolled in a diet plan and Bev decided to do it with her – and when she’s on a diet, I’m on a diet whether I want to be or not. Actually, I’m the one of three of us who probably needs it the most. Unlike many plans that provide the food, this one provides guidelines for you to cook and eat by, so our choices are to make two dishes for every meal or for me to climb on the diet train, sorta.

My plan, for our main meal at least, is to eat the same basic thing Bev eats, but not be as restrictive with it. The difficult part is to eat many of the same foods and have them still be different and tasty - fortunately I visit several blogs that provide many healthy dishes. Joanne, over at Eats Well With Others recently posted a list of bloggers who are on a healthy eating plan, so I’ll be visiting all of them.

The day the new eating plan was to begin, Jenn over at Jenn’s Food Journey provided a recipe for Baked Fish With Rosemary Aioli, and it sounded like a great meal to begin with. Check her site for the recipe.  I cooked mine per the recipe (got my fish a little too done) and made my first ever aioli.  I sided it with salad with our homemade 1000 Island dressing - remember I said sorta above.

Bev couldn't have the aioli so she put hers in a ramakin, topped it with Rotel, and baked.  She had a salad with a no fat dressing.  I really enjoyed mine and remember, I said sorta for me.  I will make some changes to my dinner meal and lunches, but breakfasts will likely continue to be the same.

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  1. Sorry Larry!
    I know the feeling. I had a BP reading the other day and it was like 145/95. Not real good. Plus I am about 30 lbs overweight. It worried me a bit so I decided I would eat healthier. I'm not much for exercising but momma joined a gym and I won't. Good news is I've lost 4 pounds this week alone just by eating better and not as much. Everyday I eat a grapefruit and bananna for breakfast. A bowl of soup, apple and a couple clementines for lunch and dinner is sensible. last night I did nadacarb pasta with turkey meatballs and used my canned tomatoes, onion, garlic and bell pepper to create a simple sauce. For desert-sugar free jello

  2. You can't believe how happy I'll be if I can get to 30# overweight.

  3. oh no. Well, you know my theory, it's the old 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80 percent of the time and sin the other 20.

  4. Yep, it's that time of the year. We hit the gym hard all year long and due to travel, missed quite a bit of workouts during December. We were afraid to get on the scale after being away, but surprisingly the number wasn't as bad as we thought. So true that if one person is on a diet the other one is too.

    We're also trying very hard to eat less, which is difficult when your food tastes good as I know yours does. I bought 9" plates that trick your eye into believing your plate is full.

    Good luck to all y'all including Pat. Did you know that "all y'all" is the plural of y'all?

  5. I won't use the word "diet" but January brings some serious menu changes in my house. No more sauces and rich salad dressings for awhile and smaller portions for sure. We're paying the price for all that splurging last month. Oh was worth it.

  6. I hate the word diet!! :) It sounds so military! lol Seriously, though, this is the time of year I always want to start eating healthier too, but the colder weather has me craving all those really bad foods!!
    Glad you enjoyed the dish... thanks for linking back to my site! (Sorry the fish was a bit over cooked.)

  7. Don't call it 'diet' food... Call it healthy eating, Larry.... It's all about attitude.... I KNOW---I've had a weight problem all of my adult life... GADS!!!!

    We have LOTS of snow up here this morning. Glad we don't have to get out!!!! It's pretty and the birds are feasting at the feeders and bath.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Larry, we wish you luck and perseverance with your diet... Laurie and I are dieting as well, but were not as restrictive as you and Bev least not yet. We tend to have a snack or just juice when we get up...a standard lunch at home or out...and then something light and/or small for dinner. Time will tell if it works! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. My beloved found that he had high BP a bit over a year ago, and I've been the salt nazi ever since (he's on medication also). Last time we went to the doctor, the guy said my poor sweetheart might be a little diabetic, so imagine trying to cut down sugar AND salt without cutting down flavor. It's not easy. Then the nurse gives me this sheet for managing cholesterol, and says we might both want to try this. When I got to the part that told us to "use" no more than 4 ounces of fruit juice per day, I tossed it. Fruit juice is not "used" like a drug. So I guess we just have to make up our own healthy rules, and do the best we can. I encourage you to sorta join in with Bev and Pat!

  10. Glad to see you eating healthy, Larry. I don't really believe in "diets" just have a better diet. It starts to be second nature after a bit, and then you can have "naughty dishes here and there to keep from feeling deprived.

  11. I am a firm believer in all things in moderation. A balance of healthy and not-so-healthy :)

  12. My condolences, heh heh.

    I like you're policy of "sorta". Making the effort is going to make a difference and allowing your self the "sorta" wiggle room makes it more likely you'll make the effort.

    Good luck, Larry!


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