Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Texas Sausage Sandwich

We’d done two runs of tomatoes, worked outside in the near 90* heat, and gone to pick up our RV which required an hour wait while they charged the battery, so by supper time I was done.  We’d been discussing meal options all day but hadn’t settled upon anything and I pronounced a sandwich or cottage cheese and tomato would work for me, but Bev had in fact settled in on a grilled sandwich using stuff we had on hand.

I’d made some Texas Czech sausage for the blogger party and still had some in the fridge along with the peppers Bev had used for the table center piece recently – after removing the ribs and seeds, they were quite mild.  So she headed for the kitchen to prep things which also included some of our onions.  She brushed or tossed the veggies in Italian dressing and here it is ready for the grill guy.

I put the veggies on first and when they were about half done on side one I added the sausage to warm up and the buns to toast.
When the meat was about ready, I topped with some Guggisberg Baby Swiss Cheese and here we are about done.
Bev added mayo to the toasted buns then I added the sausage, onions, and peppers.  I kept the onions together and peppers in large pieces so they would stay on the sandwich better.
It was delicious and I’m sure glad she made me go to the grill and cook and we have some onions and peppers left over for another meal. 
 We did wait until 7:30pm when the sun was down and it had cooled off a bit – I’d had all of the heat I could stand for the day.

As for the leftovers - same ingredients sauteed lightly to warm, then scrambled with a couple of eggs and put over two pieces of cheese toast made from thin slices of French bread and Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar.
I may have liked this even better than the sandwich.

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  1. Yay for Bev! That sandwich looks fabulous. Love the idea of tossing all with Italian dressing. Ok wait a minute... 7:30 for sunset? It's around 9:00 here. Surely there's not that much difference?

  2. That sandwich is a winner, Larry. I could eat grilled veggies at every meal.

  3. I know what you mean about the heat.. can definitely zap you of all ambition and energy! But the sandwich looks incredibly good. Simple, yet so very good. And of course, I love what you did with the leftovers :)

  4. That sandwich looks delicious ---perfect for a hot evening. I hate cooking and being in the kitchen when it is so doggone hot!!!!!

    Stay COOL if you can. Where are you taking your new RV first?

  5. I love grilled veggies! Both the sausage sandwich and the breakfast scramble look fantastic.

  6. Love the sandwich with all the grilled veggies. The scrambled eggs rock.


  7. Bev was right to fancy up your sandwiches a little. And after you'd had a little rest, I'm sure you appreciated her wisdom.

    Hope you get to enjoy that RV soon!

  8. Larry, We love that Texas Czech sausage! I knew you'd find a way to use those fiery hot peppers...nothing goes to waste at Big Dude and Bev's home! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. That sandwich sounds awesome!!! So do the eggs.

  10. When I saw the leftover peppers I just knew they were going to find their way into some eggs. I just love the flavor that grilling brings out in peppers, don't you?

    Our cayenne plant has been very fruitful so I've got to use handfuls of some hot peppers this week.

  11. That sandwich does look divine - and it's almost 10:00 here and just now getting dark. Summer days are looong this far north.


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